Wed. Dec 6th, 2023

Coinciding with the celebration of the International Day for Climate Change, and under the title ‘The path towards the sustainability of technology’, Ikusi has organized a round table next Monday, October 24 in virtual format, with four experts. Which will feature Alberto López, CIO & CISO of Solaria and renowned YouTuber; Roberto Moral, Director of Architecture and Sustainability at Cisco Spain; Diego Huertas, one of the leading Wi-Fi experts in Colombia and professor at the Francisco José de Caldas District University in Bogotá; as well as Enrique Carvajal, director of engineering for Ikusi in Mexico. The event will discuss how to reduce the energy consumption of technological equipment and services and how to rationalize the use of energy in companies and organizations using technological tools.

Path to sustainability

Since the UN set the Sustainable Development Goals, many companies around the world are joining forces to make them a reality. This is where Ikusi comes in, as he is working to promote the sustainability of companies and organizations through digitization.

Ikusi joins the International Climate Change Day with a round table on technology and sustainability

All this, through the development of energy efficiency tools to rationalize the use of energy in the offices, reducing the energy consumption of the technological infrastructure through the controlled switching off and on of the equipment, taking advantage of the flexibility and scalability associated with the implementation of software-defined networks.

By Alvaro Rivers

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