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The mythical Morgana Le Fay, enemy of Merlin and Arthur Pendragon, did not die. But living in our time is not that he likes it too much

Magic exists, our legends and myths are not forgotten fantasies, they are real: They hide from humans by becoming dreams and children’s stories, but they remain among us. In a world where threats multiply thanks to supernatural powers Le Fay comes back to life after his great defeat at the hands of Merlin, he has a debt to pay and his powers are diminished. Karras brings us a universe where magic and monsters are real and our only defense is a bad-tempered witch, her leprechaun helper and a pet monkey, and if they don’t win the battle humanity will be lost. Morgana Le Fay was defeated and locked up, the sentimental Merlin was not able to kill her, but to strip her of her powers and plunge her into an eternal sleep. But for Le Fay, this has only been a pause in her life, and when the coven wakes her up today, she’s not exactly happy about it. Turned into a kind of private detective in the purest noir style for witches, she has to solve magical problems, and when dimensions, monsters and things from beyond the threshold appear in our reality, the number of problems can exceed the number was one of the most powerful magical creatures of the times of legend.


Marc Dupree and Joshua Metzger create the concept that Metzger himself develops in the series, counting on the Spanish Miguel Angel Ruiz to draw. A series about a magical world mixed with ours, living in the shadows without affecting our daily lives. It is not something new, but it is treated in a close and very complete way, allowing us to enter the setting very quickly and easily assume this union. With a tone that unites superheroes with magic and a street character, it is very funny and spectacular in the great magical battles. Morgana is the main character and her surly and aggressive character is far from the supposed delicacy of the Arthurian sagas. She’s a powerful magic user, but she doesn’t have it now, and she gets to serve other witches, and that fallen hero point of hers gives her closeness, and so does her leprechaun helper and her pet monkey. she. In this example the intention of the comic is very well seen, to entertain with meaning, a well-defined story and a lot of action. A pure blockbuster that has nothing to envy to those of Marvel or DC. The drawing And if all the construction of the world and history works, it is above all because of the spectacular art that Miguel Angel Ruiz leaves us. With a superheroic style and a clear line, Ruiz applies himself to telling everything necessary, and incidentally inserting some spectacular images, Take advantage of the magical battles, but it is in other less attractive ones where he left a sample of class, the treatment of the characters and their update, or the changes of plane during the dialogues to look for dynamics and movement in very static scenes. Far superior to the work that the Cordovan had presented in his collaborations in Avatar’s Crossed.
Le Fay is the first Evoluzione Publishings comic to be published in Spain. This independent label is full of action, espionage and superhero works. They themselves promise top quality escapism in all genres and have a wide catalog of works that are usually promoted and developed through the Kickstarter platform. That the work has arrived in Spain belonging to a minor label is a milestone to applaud for the Karras boys, who have been confirming themselves as a great alternative for readers who are looking for something more than the superheroes of the majors among the national publishers.

Le Fay

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Title: : Le Fayurl : milcomicsAuthor : Joshua Metzger, M. Dupree, Miguel Angel RuizFormat : paperbackPublication date : 2022-10-01Description : After being awakened by a coven of witches, a depowered Morgana Le Fay must work for them together with her goblin Billy… But a sect has summoned an Outer God and everyone is after him (or her)! The witches, the Wild Hunt, Jack the Leaper… And even Morgana’s former lover… Merlin the Wizard! JOTA (JC Royo) NOTE 4.0 4.00 5 Average score User evaluation /5 ( Be the first! Votes ) Le Fay. Fairy, witch, superheroine for hire. Ways to Survive the 21st Century Without Magic has been published by JOTA (JC Royo) at | Movies, comics and series – Marvel and DC Comics superhero movie news, premieres, trailers.

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