Fri. Dec 8th, 2023

On the occasion of the worldwide launch of Destinux, as the first and only travel and expense ERP on the market capable of integrating with multiple ERP’s, Consultia Business Travel has signed a collaboration agreement with Gartner.

Destiny: Consulting Business Travel and Gartner

Gartner, as an expert in the analysis of new technological trends in the IT market that has many Fortune 500 companies as clients, will advise Consultia Business Travel in the creation of its own technological distribution channel to establish agreements worldwide with system integrator companies. “We are very happy with this agreement as it represents a significant step in our growth and international expansion plan. Thanks to Gartner’s know-how, we will be able to bring Destinux, our cloud-based technology for comprehensive business travel management that allows us to connect with multiple ERPs, more quickly to potential customers around the world”, explains Carlos Martínez , CEO of Consulting Business Travel.

Consultia Business Travel signs a collaboration agreement with Gartner to help the internationalization of Destinux

Thanks to the agreement, the company focuses on the system integrators of the four most widely used ERPs internationally (Microsoft, Oracle, SAP and SAGE), which translates into a potential market of more than 5 million customers worldwide. world.

By Alvaro Rivers

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