Fri. Mar 1st, 2024

The lack of specialists in pediatric oncology It is a fact in our country. The child cancer it affects 1,400 Spanish children and adolescents, with survival rates of 80%. On the occasion of the celebration of 54th Congress of the International Society of Pediatric OncologyAndrés Morales, care director of the Pediatric Cancer Center of Barcelona (PCCB), claims the lack of health professionals with pediatric oncology training in Spain. «The main problem in childhood cancer is the lack of training: there is no regulated specialty in pediatric oncology, despite the fact that childhood cancer is totally different from that of adults”, explains Morales. This is a general situation throughout Europe, except for countries such as Germany or the United Kingdom. The main objective of this Congress is claim the specialization of pediatric oncology before a public opinion that assimilates it to cancer in adults.

“All the research on adult cancers is of little or no use for childhood cancer. Pediatric oncology needs specific knowledge and for that we need specific centers”, claims Andrés Morales.

According to the researchers, less than 20 treatments for cancer affecting children have been approved in recent decades. It is a reality that pediatric cancer research are a long way from adult cancer research. “It is extremely important that these patients can be cared for by professionals and specialized teams that have experience in treating these diseases,” says Morales. This new edition of the Congress of the International Society of Pediatric Oncology brought together more than 3,000 pediatric oncologists, surgeons, mental health specialists, nurses and representatives of patient associations, beating attendance record in this first edition after the pandemic. The main objective of the Congress is to put professionals from different countries in contact to analyze the cancer treatments available and encourage research that is carried out in still developing countries.

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