Wed. Oct 4th, 2023

Teen Wolf, the popular horror-romance series, is now getting a movie. The production already has a trailer and a synopsis.

Series that mix terror with romance became fashionable more than 10 years ago. Some productions that had these characteristics managed to captivate younger audiences, keeping them connected for a long time. This was the case with a vampire story like Vampire Diaries or a werewolf story, teen wolf.The latter premiered in 2011 and continued until 2017. In its 6 seasonsthe production collected 100 episodes and was the nest for promising talents.Tyler Poseyits protagonist, participated in other productions such as Jane, the virgin or the Netflix series Scream. In turn, other celebrities such as Dylan O’Brien (Maze Runner) and colton haynes (Arrow) were also part of the cast. This is the case, of course, for Tyler Hoechlinwho became known with this show and currently plays Superman in the DC television universe (CW’s Arrowverse). Now, the actors will once again line up for the new film inspired by the popular series. According to Varietythe only one who will not return from the stars will be O’Brien, who has scheduling conflicts. female quota of the argument will also return to the scene. Crystal Reed, Holland Roden and Shelley Henning will once again be present in the growing franchise. Just months after its launch, a official trailer of the production as well as a synopsis. This is what is known about the tape. “Only a werewolf like Scott McCall (Posey), no longer a teenager but still an alpha, can gather new allies. In addition, he must gather trusted friends to fight against what could be the most powerful and deadly enemy they have ever faced.” This is what the official preview describes.Teen Wolf: the film will be released in Paramount+ next January 26, 2023.

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