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Editorial: Gaming / Facebook / Twitter / YouTube / Instagram / News / Discord /Telegram / Google News Xbox caused a sensation by announcing its Xbox Series X-shaped mini-refrigerator. The collectible was a success among fans of the brand, to the extent that the company has just launched by surprise a new version of the article. It is a refrigerator that retains the design of the console and most of the features of the original version. However, it is cheaper. This is for a simple reason: it is slightly smaller than the first mini-fridge.
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What does the new Xbox fridge offer and how much does it cost?

Aaron Greenberg, general manager of marketing for Xbox, announced that a new version of the Xbox Series X fridge is now available in the United States. It was confirmed that this new release will have worldwide distribution just like the original version. As we mentioned, the item is cheaper, since it is offered in exchange for $79 USD. In case you don’t remember, the first fridge is sold in stores for $99 USD. This reduction in price is due to the fact that the new version is smaller, so it can store less things. Greenberg explained that it has room for up to 8 cans instead of the 12 that can be stored in the original version. On the other hand, minimal adjustments were made to the design and noise reduction improvements. According to the manager, many users asked for a smaller version of the device, so they worked to make it happen. The manager confirmed that the first refrigerator will continue to circulate and that they will continue to manufacture units due to high demand. So fans will be able to find both versions in stores. For now there is no date for the premiere of the new fridge in the rest of the world, but it is a fact that it will come.

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