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By Gonzalo Echeverría, Country Manager Zyxel IberiaBy Gonzalo Echeverría, Country Manager Zyxel Iberia At this point, there can be no doubt that the Wi-Fi6 standard is here to stay. This technology, also called 802.11ax, allows for much higher network speeds, while also allowing for lower costs and better security. There are more and more connected devices in the home: whether it is the need to set up a home office or simply leisure, education, or the use of services, these are factors that are increasing the number of devices hosted on the network. And sometimes that has been a serious problem in order to get the right user experience. Indeed wifi6 has helped us a lot in this regard. But technology advances every day to provide users with even greater benefits. And that is the case of the new WiFi6E, the latest version of the wireless network standard that, by expanding the band frequency to 6 GHz, provides higher performance than the 5 GHz and 2.4 GHz bands currently available with the standard. WiFi6.

WiFi6E improves performance on any wireless network, especially on larger networks in areas where there is a high density of users

Practical life proves it; WiFi6E improves performance on any wireless network, especially on larger networks in areas where there is a high density of users, such as conference centers, stadiums, and university campuses. Today there is a real need for more bandwidth in different public places, given the increase in users and devices. And besides, it is clear that all of us make daily use of collaboration and video conferencing applications, video streaming and cloud-based applications or services. That is why the demand for bandwidth in the wireless network continues to increase every day.

Significant benefits

The new standard is showing how effective it is in common situations like setting up a smart meeting room to provide a high-quality experience for teams interacting remotely or with the latest 8K video conferencing technology. In both cases and in others, WiFi6E turns out to be of great value since it makes the difference in terms of clarity, speed and efficiency. It is also essential for VR/AR technologies for hands-on learning or simulation and remote assistance. VR/AR devices are now widely deployed in sectors such as education, healthcare, engineering, and other fields of science. WiFi6E allows for the additional bandwidth to allow free movement of VR/AR devices to provide excellent and consistent connectivity. Recently, Zyxel has launched three WiFi6E access points on the market. NWA 220AX-6E and WAX 620D-6E, both come with Zyxel BandFlex included, which allows you to use the 6 GHz frequency instead of the 5 GHz frequency and therefore benefit from the higher performance. And our flagship model, the WAX 640S-6E that can support up to three frequency bands simultaneously to give maximum flexibility and expanded capacity in ultra-high definition video, in the use of AR/VR devices and to accommodate a greater number of wireless users.

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