Fri. Mar 1st, 2024

The platform Dialogue in collaboration with the Editorial Unit School (ESUE), SNGULAR and CENTRHO have presented a new study of Status of Internal Communication 2022 under the title: The path to connected and efficient organizations. The second edition of this report shows the results of surveys of more than 400 internal communication managers from Spain and Latin America.
To keep the members of an organization connected and to make their activity work in the most efficient way possible, it is necessary to have a good internal communication management. According to the report, in two out of three companies internal communication is led by the Human Resources department.
Prado García-Miguel, Senior Manager of Insurance, Planning and Control at LeasePlan, pointed out that investing in internal communication is investing in efficiency and opportunities. “The three most important internal communication levers to obtain results are trust management, that the teams know the business models of their organizations and listening”, highlights García-Miguel. Nowadays the internal communication training in companies it is not being structured in an adequate way, for example, only 1 in 8 organizations carry out regular training for their employees in this area. Emi Solís, specialist in internal communication, has indicated the importance of good training for a company’s workers.

“This is absolutely beneficial economically, a lot of time, effort and money is saved when people work in an aligned and coordinated way.” “The more natural leaders we have in the organization in terms of communication, the better it will be,” says Solís.

This new study offers us a complete analysis of the communication channels and tools within a company, communication models, their impact and the importance of training employees in an organization. As can be verified, the The most common communication channel is email followed by intranet.
Internal communication is more effective if it is carried out by professionals who have been trained in this matter. Prepare employees in this area will mark the good future of companies, gaining in time, effort and money. In this context, Rafael Moyano, academic director of the Escuela de Unidad Editorial, has pointed out the importance of good internal training in this area.

“The training should revolve around the development of internal communication plans and tools to achieve engagement, notions in measurement and interpretation of results, relationships in digital environments, internal social networks and treatment of reputational crises,” says Moyano.

Communication is and will continue to be a key pillar in the development, operation and management of an organization. Such an important aspect as training should not be forgotten within organizations that want to commit to and offer a professional and effective communication.

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