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Regardless of the product being produced, finding ways to streamline production and manufacturing processes is imperative. In other words, having a series of optimization axes to achieve smarter manufacturing profitability. These axes would be: People, Process and Technology. In this way, doing so can lead to faster production speeds, faster time to market, greater cost savings, higher product quality, as well as increased customer satisfaction and loyalty. Related to this, Bossard offers hardware and software systems to automate a C-Parts supply chain to help you work smarter.

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Here are the three general steps to start evaluating the profitability of a factory: People. Do you have the right people with the right skills in the right place? Furthermore, have you defined Specific, Measurable, Assignable, Realistic and Time Related (SMART) goals? Process. How long has it been since you mapped out and evaluated your processes? Do you carry out periodic evaluations? Where have you identified the obstacles and bottlenecks Technology and tools. What is the maintenance level of your equipment? Are you using the most appropriate technology to meet business-critical applications? And how easy is it to modify these processes?

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In the age of smartphones, smart TVs, smart doorbells and everything in between, now is the perfect time to optimize your warehouse and supply chain with Smart Factory Logistics. Bossard offers physical and software systems to automate a C-Parts supply chain to help you work smarter. The Smart Factory Logistics system is made up of the following main components. SmartLabelCloud. SmartLabel Cloud is a smart modular label solution that can be attached anywhere. All relevant product information, as well as real-time order status and delivery date, are visible on the screen through the latest IoT communication. This guarantees a better overview of product information on site and ensures control and reliability in the process.

Three smart ways to achieve smarter manufacturing profitability: People, Process and Technology

Smart Bin Cloud. It is an “all-in-one” system that combines the proven SmartBin system with the latest SmartLabel system and is a pioneer in terms of new technological improvements. The weight sensor is activated by movement and therefore updates all information about stocks and orders instantly at each use (pickup or replenishment) to have a transparent and monitored stock level in real time at any time . SmartLocker. To gain control of valuable or restricted inventory, the SmartLocker restricts access to those with the proper RFID card. With the SmartLocker, orders are also automatic. Smarter Analytics. ARIMS is a cloud-based interactive digital platform that links all Bossard Smart Factory Logistics systems to improve supply chain management and transparency. It allows you to access the platform through your computer or through the mobile application from your personal smartphone or tablet. And once you gain access, you’ll have the ability to perform and manage a range of functions, whether you’re on the shop floor or at your desk.

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