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Editorial: Gaming / Facebook / Twitter / YouTube / Instagram / News / Discord /Telegram / Google News It’s clear that all of us gamers hate having to be connected to the Internet in order to enjoy our single player games. This is a situation that makes little sense to consumers and only seems to be an inconvenience to us. If you’re wondering, there are developers who think so too and the proof is in the director of God of War. Recently, Cory Barlog, director of God of War, had a less exciting journey than he expected due to problems along the way. It turns out that the creator thought that the best way to kill time at the airport and on the plane would be to take his Steam Deck to have fun with great games. His first idea was to download FIFA 23 to play as AFC Richmond and feel like Ted Lasso. The game was downloaded to his Steam Deck and when he intended to play it he received an error message stating that an anti-cheat system prevents the game from running on this platform. Given this, he decided that the best thing was to try another game.

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The difficulty of having Internet on a plane made Cory Barlog think that it was best to go with a single player game. So he decided to start Dragon Age. Serious mistake. It turns out that EA’s single-player RPG has DRM, so he had to connect to the Internet in order to start enjoying this medieval adventure. Given this, Barlog took the opportunity to send a strong and clear message to all distributors: stop requiring single player games to connect to the Internet to work. “Because Dragon Age requires a launcher and the Internet, I couldn’t play a game on my Steam Deck because my plane didn’t have WI-FI. Dear Distributors: STOP WITH THE INTERNET REQUIREMENT FOR SINGLE PLAYER GAMES. JUST LET ME PLAY A GAME ON MY STEAM DECK!” the creative said.

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