Fri. Mar 1st, 2024

The post-pandemic labor context has led companies to look for solutions that allow them to make their way of working more flexible, promoting the digitization and relocation of workers. On this, Wildix has opted for WebRTC technology as a differential factor to promote the digitalization of businesses and offer enriched UCaaS prepared to face any challenge. “WebRTC-based solutions bring benefits to companies both internally and externally. Employees have a complete and simple platform for teleworking that they can access from any place and device, while customers have the possibility of communicating directly with the company in a simple way”, explains Daniel Asensio, Country Manager of Wildix Spain.


WebRTC technology allows direct communication in real time between two users through audio and video simply through a web browser. In this way, the need to download, install or register for external applications or specific software is eliminated. This promotes the mobility of workers, who can connect from anywhere with colleagues or with people outside the organization. It also allows customers or suppliers to communicate easily and directly.

Wildix WebRTC Solutions

As a leader in the development of solutions for unified communications, Wildix considers WebRTC technology as the foundation on which to design a platform ready for the current and future needs of companies.

WebRTC-based unified communications solutions prepare businesses for the future

The company was one of the first Unified Communications manufacturers to adopt the technology standard natively for all its solutions, and offers a differential proposal that provides complete integration into the company system, easy accessibility and scalability, flexibility total and high quality of image and sound. All this guaranteeing maximum security and protection for users. Its offer of solutions to facilitate teleworking includes its WebRTC video conferencing software that guarantees easy communication between teams instantly. Beyond videoconferences, calls and chats, the Wildix Collaboration service allows the management of agendas, sharing files or recording data from the different contacts in the CRM itself, thus guaranteeing full user mobility. At the same time, Wildix WebRTC Kite is integrated into the users’ digital business to offer a platform for direct communication to customers through the web. In this way, users will be able to contact an operator instantly without the need for external applications or plug-ins. The solution allows you to hold conversations by chat, call or videoconference, share screen or send files immediately.

By Alvaro Rivers

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