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Walkers are products designed for people who have difficulty walking or that they do not have a good balance. The usual thing is that advanced ages are used, because that is when people begin to have mobility problems and lose certain faculties. Having one of them can give you greater independence and improve your quality of life, so it will be an excellent investment. However, in specialized stores such as we will find a large number of them with different characteristics. That is why it will be important to know the different types and know how to choose the most appropriate according to the particular needs of the user. We help you with all this below.

Types of walkers for the elderly

The walkers They are excellent aids for older people who have mobility difficulties. As the characteristics of each user and his needs may be different, we will find several types of them.

Types of walkers according to the material

These are the different types of walkers for the elderly according to their manufacturing material:
Steel. They are very resistant and avoid some risks, such as slipping. They also provide weight and stability in use.Aluminum. These are more manageable products with less weight, suitable for people who still have mobility and only need a point of support.

Types of walkers according to the number of wheels

These are the different types of walkers for the elderly according to the number of wheels of each one:
Without wheels. Recommended for use at home or in indoor installations.2 wheels. They have wheels at the front and non-slip feet at the back.3 wheels. They are suitable for narrow spaces or for night mobility.4 wheels. The most complete for mobility, both for indoor and outdoor use.

Types of walkers according to the brakes

These are the different types of walkers for seniors based on their brakes:
Manual brake. It is necessary to have some agility on the part of the user that enables him to brake manually.Pressure brake. They brake with the weight of the user, so they are indicated if there is a lack of strength or weakness in the wrists.

What to consider when choosing a walker?

at the time of choose a good walker It is important to reflect on the use that is going to be given to this device and also the state in which the user finds himself. The balance between these characteristics is what will offer us the most complete product. These are the main Aspects to consider to choose an appropriate walker: Yes the use it will be done exclusively indoors, for example, people who do not leave home or who have another form of mobility outdoors. Also those who are convalescing and only need support for a certain time. The stability of the user himself to determine which material will be the most solvent in each case. The weight of the person who will use it. Of each type of walker there are different formats for greater or lesser weights, since they must support the load well. The strength of the person to choose both the type of brake and the material from which the walker of choice is made.

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