Fri. Dec 8th, 2023

The 2021 Rugby League World Cup (RLWC) will kick off with a match between England and Samoa Men on 15 October at St James Park and will conclude in Manchester with the Wheelchair Final on 18 November alongside the Men’s and in a spectacular double meet at Old Trafford on November 19.

For the first time in the history of the tournament, the competitions for men, women and wheelchair athletes will take place at the same time, with the BBC broadcasting live all 61 matches and more than 600 players and 32 teams will face each other in matches that will be held in 17 cities and towns and 21 stadiums across the country, including London, Manchester, Newcastle Leeds, Coventry and Sheffield. This year’s tournament, postponed from 2021 to 2022 due to the Covid-19 pandemic, will be the 16th edition of the Rugby League World Cup, and world-renowned cryptocurrency exchange CoinEx will be cheering everyone on. teams as the exclusive trading platform partner of the tournament.

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