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Editorial: Gaming / Facebook / Twitter / YouTube / Instagram / News / Discord /Telegram / Google News Google STADIA will close permanently early next year, and with that, players will lose access to their collection of titles. While you will be able to get a refund for everything you spend on games and DLC, the reality is that your progress, your games and your characters will disappear completely. This has a huge fan of Red Dead Online, who has put nearly 6,000 hours into the Rockstar title, very concerned. The problem is that he spent all that time enjoying the title from STADIA, so he will lose all his progress as soon as the service closes. The player expressed his annoyance on social networks and asked Rockstar for an alternative to save his character.
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STADIA Closure Will Affect Red Dead Online Players

Shortly after the end of STADIA was announced, Twitter user Color shared an image that caused all kinds of reactions in the community. In it he reveals that he played 5,907 hours of Red Dead Online through the Google service. As you can imagine, the news of the closure of STADIA was a bucket of cold water for the player, since he will lose all his progress once the service closes on January 18, 2023. For this reason, he begged Rockstar for a solution to be able to transfer your information and thus save both your game and your character. “No, you don’t understand how seriously angry I am. To contextualize: I have spent these hours in Google STADIA and today Google has announced that it will close the platform. Rockstar please let us do a one time character transfer I beg of you,” Color wrote. As of this writing, neither Google nor Rockstar have given the player an alternative. The community discovered that there are methods to back up save data to the cloud for later use on a PC, on the condition that you repurchase the game in question. The problem is that this alternative does not work for games that focus on online. So it looks like Color is doomed to lose his nearly 6,000 hours in the world of Red Dead Online “Most of the friends I met in Red Dead played on Stadia because it was literally a free platform. Losing my games and progress sucks, but not being able to play with my friends anymore sucks more.”

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