Wed. Sep 27th, 2023

Mahershala Ali as Blade

The movie Blade has lost the director. But… Will the same thing happen with actor Mahershala Ali?

We recently found out that Bassim Tarik will no longer be the director of Blade, a very bad news because they are very close to start shooting. So that Marvel Studios must find a new writer and director. But the problems are piling up, as the informant jeff sneider reveals that Mahershala Ali wants to drop the movie because it’s too short and doesn’t have enough action. Supposedly, the script for Blade it is 90 pages long and barely explores the character. Since it presents some situations that are very poorly developed and only has 2 mediocre action scenes. So that Mahershala Ali he does not want his version to be compared with that of wesley snipes of 1998 and on top of losing. The movie star was in constant conflict with the director because of the script. This caused that Bassim Tarik lost the battle and left the movie, so in Marvel Studios they are so surprised that Mahershala Ali Also consider quitting. But it seems that the actor is clear that if the new script is not to his liking, he will not continue and also, he doubts that they can get it in time for the scheduled shooting date.

Now 3 things can happen.

According to jeff sneider The situation is very complicated. Since there are several options, the first is to find a director with a script to your liking. Mahershala Ali in just a few weeks before filming and thus decided to continue playing Blade. The second is that they delay the start of filming and obviously the theatrical release. But finally, maybe Mahershala Ali I left the movie and at that moment Marvel Studios will still have the same problem. As they can go ahead with a new director, script and star or delay everything and take their time deciding who will handle the reboot. For now, Blade is scheduled to be released on November 3, 2023. But it is not at all clear that this will happen. While the rest of deliveries of Marvel Studios can be enjoyed in the Disney Plus streaming platform with this link.Share0

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