Wed. Oct 4th, 2023

More than €7,000. That is the difference between the gross average wages in Spain and those offered in the IT and telecommunications sector. From €24,555 to €31,898. Technology is booming in the world of work: in 2014 the average gross salary was €26,000, seven years later the IT sector leads the ranking of the best paid professional areas with €32,000 per year, according to the Report on the State of the Labor Market in Spain made by InfoJobs Y Esade. The experts of the technological training school iron hack point out that it is an area that is increasingly valued and demanded in the professional sector. In fact, in the Jobs on the Rise list made by LinkedInwhere they indicate the 20 fastest growing jobs, 50% are technology-related jobs: site reliability engineer, cloud systems architect, machine learning engineer, cybersecurity expert, application engineer, security engineer infrastructure, user experience researcher, back-end developer, data engineer and software account executive.

There is around 7,000 euros of difference in favor of the salaries paid in the ICT sector compared to the rest of the sectors

According to the study of InfoJobs, last year there were 199,000 vacancies in total, 34% more than in 2020, when the number of vacancies did not exceed 165,000. Some data that the experts of iron hack They value it as an opportunity for the future for those professionals who are considering a change at the work level. Taking into account data from McKinsley Global Institute14% of current jobs will be obsolete in 2030. Therefore, for those who see their job in danger, iron hack recommends reskilling: the recycling of professional skills in order to develop new functions or professions. For it, iron hack It has a series of specialized bootcamps in various fields of the IT sector: cybersecurity, data analysis, UX/UI Design or Web Development.
Thiago SantosGeneral Manager of iron hack Iberia, advises “planning the work 10 years from now. Many times professionals get overwhelmed by the day to day and get stuck in their work area. Meanwhile, there are growing sectors that need good workers who are trained and lead the technological revolution that is increasingly implanted in the workplace”.

By Alvaro Rivers

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