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Do you want to know why the Andrew Garfield franchise was canceled and we never saw The Amazing Spider-Man 3? Here is the answer!

why was it canceled The Amazing Spider-Man 3? What is the reason for the end of the franchise starring Andrew Garfield? During the months prior to the release of No Way Homereports pointed to the possible return of the actor with his version of peter parker. Finally, Andrew Garfield appeared in the movie of the Marvel Cinematic Universe beside Tom Holland Y Tobey Maguire. All the Spiderman, united against villains from across the multiverse. Garfield’s return to the saga of Marvel Studios was widely applauded by all the fans in the world. To be honest, Andrew Garfield was the least of the problems of the arachnid saga until the cancellation of The Amazing Spider-Man 3. His Spidey strove to deliver movies of a high standard. Unfortunately, the narrative swings and some questionable characterization decisions (such as the Electro of Jamie Foxx), they did a lot of damage to the franchise. And, despite this, a large number of followers of the wall climber They applauded both films. Every day more people admit that they enjoy these stories and that they are not “as bad” as they remembered them. Although the sequel was especially controversial with the public, many have come to believe that this poor reception is what made it. Sony Pictures Entertainment will cancel The Amazing Spider-Man 3. But actually, that’s not true. The film did quite well at the international box office, despite failing to meet public expectations. Because of the infamous hacking incident known as sony hack and that it took place in 2014, the world learned exactly why Andrew Garfield was fired and what really happened with the end of the trilogy. The actor failed to show up at a planned press event in Brazil to announce the sequel and that offended senior studio executives enough to sever all ties and part ways with Andrew Garfield for good.

The end of the trilogy was more planned than people think

Sony Pictures Entertainment But then why was it canceled The Amazing Spider-Man 3? Andrew Garfield was going to appear at a big Sony Pictures Entertainment press event. This event was going to take place in Rio de Janeiro, on the occasion of the final of the world Cup. It was the summer of 2014. Andrew Garfield was supposed to speak along with kaz hirai, then CEO of the studio. That’s where the third installment of Spider-Man would be officially announced. Its premiere would arrive in 2016. Unfortunately, Andrew Garfield did not appear for Brazil. According to his representatives, he was unwell and preferred to withdraw from the event a few hours before the big announcement. This caused Hirai’s presentation to be drastically altered. The announcement of the third film was cancelled. Sony executives were very upset with the actor’s absence at the last minute. Hirai himself felt personally slighted. As much as we fans are inclined to sympathize with Andrew Garfield, his not wanting to appear in front of a large crowd was a mistake. Realistically, leaving your boss alone at the last minute is not the best decision an employee can make. Whether you’re a movie star or not, those things always have consequences. After the decision to cancel The Amazing Spider-Man 3 and fire Andrew Garfield from the franchise, Sony entered into negotiations with Marvel Studios to introduce the character in the MCU. This had been tried before, but without success. The talks resulted in an agreement. That led Tom Holland to debut in Captain America: Civil War. Ironically, she did it on the same date that was planned for the end of the spider trilogy in 2016.

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