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She-Hulk Series Might Have Subtly Introduced Blade’s Solo Movie Villain (Spoiler Warning)

She-Hulk: Lawyer She-Hulk, could have presented some of the options that Marvel Studios would be considering for the villains in the Blade movie. Marvel Studios announced a Blade movie starring Mahershala Ali during its presentation at the 2019 San Diego Comic-Con. Three years later, We have not had much news about the project except for the confirmation of its release date on November 3, 2023. Many fans wonder who the main villain of the film could be. Dracula, is a name that sounds in the pools for obvious reasons. He is a key villain for the character in the comics, and his name is instantly recognizable. Other options include Dracula’s children, Lilith and Xarus; Deacon Frost, the man who killed Blade’s mother, or even Lucas Cross, Blade’s father. There’s also Morbius, but given his current status at Sony Pictures, that’s not a very likely choice. However, in the sixth episode of She-Hulk: Lawyer She-Hulk, there is a key line of dialogue that may have given fans a hint of some villains that could appear in the next Blade movie. The line in question comes from Mr. Immortal, as he addresses those he has wronged. . He offers them all to split up some “Apple stock” and some leftover “gold”, but not just any gold, but something left to him by his first wife, “Baroness Cromwell”: “Girls, Sebastian, I still have all the Apple stock. The Apple I bought in 1981, and the gold left to me by my first wife, Baroness Cromwell. How about we divide it into eight equal parts and as friends?

The Blood Baron and Baroness Cromwell

Before explaining who she is, we first have to know who Jacob Cromwell is. In the comics, Jacob was a pawn of Dracula, who was ordered to take the stake from a vampire named Baron Blood.Who is the Baron of Blood? Created by Roy Thomas and Frank Robbins, they introduced the original Blood Baron, John Falsworth, in The Invaders #7 in July 1976; in the story, flashbacks show that Dracula turned him into a vampire on a trip to Transylvania and joined the German forces for World War I and World War II, while in the present day he stays at Falsworth Manor under the guise of his own son plotting to kill his niece, Jacqueline Falsworth, to get revenge on his older brother, Lord Falworth, until he is killed by Captain America. Later, a servant of Dracula, Dr. Jacob Cromwell, is sent to revive to the Baron, whose bones are stored in the Tower of London. Although Cromwell is successful, Blood betrays him and kills him and one of his daughters, Lily (a character referred to in the She-Hulk chapter), turning her into a vampire (Baroness Blood). Assuming the identity of Cromwell, Blood commits a series of murders that arouse the suspicions of his now very old brother James. The elder Falsworth requests the help of Captain America, who with the third version of the Union Jack fights Blood. After being tricked into thinking Union Jack was his older brother James, Blood is decapitated with Captain America’s Shield. The character’s body is burned to ashes, with the ashes scattered. In the comics, Baroness Blood became a member of the Legion of the Unliving, a group of vampires made up of none other than Count Dracula himself.

Will the characters appear in Blade?

Vampires are already mentioned in Loki

She-Hulk wouldn’t be the first MCU franchise to potentially hint at vampires. Owen Wilson’s Mobius had the honor of being the first in the first season of Loki, mentioning vampires as one of the many types of people they bring to TVA. ButDoes this brief Easter Egg in She-Hulk mean anything? If nothing else, it shows that those names are on Marvel’s mind. Marvel Studios loves to do their own thing when it comes to adapting characters. For those who have already had movies under a previous ownership, that generally means fans shouldn’t expect rehashes of previously used material. In the case of Blade, fans shouldn’t expect to see villains already used in old Wesley Snipes movies. This would include characters like Deacon Frost or Dracula. While Dracula has to appear at some point because of his importance in the character’s comics, More unknown villains like the Blood Baron and Baroness Cromwell seem like perfect picks for Marvel Studios. Their history also allows creatives a lot of flexibility when it comes to how they choose to adapt them. Given the interesting history of both in various time periods, it could lead to Blade’s narrative being a unique mix of several eras at once. The story could have a thread after an encounter with the Blood Baron in the early 1900s and then another in the present day, potentially focusing on the Blood Baroness, perhaps she wants to revive the Baron, which could be what the final act culminates in. .Even with all that said, these villains could be Dracula’s pawns. So if he doesn’t appear in the film, it’s almost certain that at least a reference to the iconic character will be made.Blade It will hit theaters on November 3, 2023.

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