Wed. Dec 6th, 2023

Ivanti and SentinelOne have announced their decision to join forces to help organizations implement a comprehensive risk-based model for patch management, as well as strengthen cybersecurity against cyberthreats, including ransomware attacks. With this agreement, Ivanti and SentinelOne will integrate their best-of-breed technologies – their respective platforms, Ivanti Neurons for patch management and SentinelOne’s Singularity XDR – to deliver machine-speed vulnerability assessment, prioritization and remediation. Today, patch management remains a major challenge for many companies. IT and security teams often have to shoulder the tedious burden of mapping vulnerabilities to software updates, managing patch backlogs, fragmented processes, technology stockpiles, and uncoordinated teams. Managing vulnerabilities is exposing organizations to increased risk of cyber attacks. According to a recent Ivanti study, 71% of IT professionals said patching was time-consuming, complex and cumbersome, and 53% said that sorting and prioritizing critical vulnerabilities accounted for the most of their work activity.

Ivanti and SentinelOne will integrate their best technologies to deliver vulnerability assessment, prioritization and remediation at machine speed

Currently, vulnerabilities in unpatched applications and operating systems continue to be one of the most exploited attack vectors by hackers, who have been able to exploit vulnerabilities with unprecedented speed, focusing on the weak points that generate the greatest impact. and detriment. In fact, the Ransomware Index Report Q1 2022 revealed that the increasing sophistication of ransomware groups is responsible for vulnerabilities being exploited within eight days of being reported by vendors. As a conclusion, each vulnerability represents a test against time between the company, in its eagerness to strengthen all its assets, and the threat actors, to attack any target. The partnership between Ivanti and SentinelOne will help solve this situation, allowing companies to strengthen the security of their devices and endpoints, improve cyber hygiene and reduce attack surfaces, detecting and correcting vulnerabilities quickly, with just one click. In addition, it will provide IT and security teams with context and intelligence tailored to vulnerabilities that are actively being exploited – including those linked to ransomware – allowing them to be remediated. “We are very pleased to partner with SentinelOne to help organizations strengthen cyber hygiene and better defend against cyber attacks,” said Nayaki Nayyar, President and Chief Product Officer of Ivanti. “Our AI-powered Ivanti Neurons patch management solution identifies enterprise exposures and active threats, provides early warning of vulnerability mobilization, predicts attacks and prioritizes remediation activities. In addition, we offer agent-based and agentless patching and support a broad catalog of over 350 enterprise applications. These advanced capabilities greatly improve the effectiveness of IT and security teams in assessing and deploying security patches, as well as combating attacker vulnerabilities used by cybercriminals.” “Autonomous vulnerability assessment and remediation is a necessity today, given the increasing sophistication and volume of cyberattacks,” said Nicholas Warner, President of Security at SentinelOne. “Singularity XDR helps enterprises automate cybersecurity across device, cloud and identity. Together with Ivanti, we offer our clients an autonomous approach to cybersecurity based on risk. Security teams benefit from automation to continuously identify vulnerability exposures and remediate risks, at the speed of a machine” “The SentinelOne and Ivanti partnership is a great example of how Ivanti works with ISVs from world-class cybersecurity to offer patch management to their customers,” said Mark Stevens, senior vice president and general manager of Strategic Alliances at Ivanti. “We are very pleased to partner with SentinelOne, and bring automated patching to their customers and partners. It’s further proof of the powerful suite of endpoint security solutions we offer to ISVs looking to bolster their own solutions, leveraging our APIs and SDKs for patch management, detection, remote control, application control, and device control. .”

By Alvaro Rivers

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