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Axazure and Neodata present meatUP for Dynamics 365, a new vertical for the meat sector based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and SCM, the result of a strategic agreement to develop a joint business model and with the aim of providing the best solution for large meat companies . The two firms contribute their capacity and specialized knowledge, offering an unparalleled set of services for companies in the sector that seek the complete digital transformation of their organizations, to respond to market demands in terms of competitiveness and quality of their products. Axazure recently integrated into the multinational Techedge Group to lead its expansion and portfolio in business products Microsoft, is the fastest growing firm in Spain specializing in Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Power Platform, recognized internationally in the implementation of business applications such as Gold Partner of Microsoft and being one of the companies with the highest number of success stories under the Dynamics 365 platform. Neodata is a national benchmark in the creation and implementation of ERP solutions, working exclusively for meat companies of all types of subsectors ( slaughterhouses, cutting rooms, importers, processors, processors, livestock integration, feed, etc).

Axazure and Neodata present meatUP for Dynamics 365, a new vertical for the meat sector based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and SCM

With this union, the specialization and service capacity focused on offering a differential value to customers, reliability and commitment to the customer’s objectives, contribution of specialized knowledge by assigning specific technical consultants for each functional group, reducing implementation times and multiplying in short, the results and benefits of meat companies. “From the moment that Xavier proposed this project to me and after conducting a small survey about the presence or interest of Dynamics 365 in the primary sector, the response was quite immediate. Joining a leading technology company like we are at Axazure together with an expert company in the meat business is the sum of two fundamental pillars to more quickly cover the need for digitization and sustainability in the meat industry 4.0. – transfers Antonio Gilabert, CEO of Axazure. “At Neodata we have provided the best management solution for the meat industry based on Dynamics AX for years. By delving into the opportunities offered by Dynamics 365 F&O, we understood that we could multiply the value for our clients by incorporating Axazure’s knowledge and skills into our proposal. We shared with Antonio, from the first moment, the vision of contributing the capacity and experience of both companies to lead the construction of the meat industry 4.0.” – says Xavier Batlle, CEO of Neodata. meatUP for Dynamics 365 is the best vertical solution for large companies that develop or integrate a variety of activities, being present internationally, with great demands from their customers. The product offers a complete functional set that provides real-time strategic information on all business activity, through a permanent view of all processes with BI tools that facilitate more accurate decision-making. meatUP for Dynamics 365 allows the digital transformation of large meat companies in an integral way, becoming a fundamental tool to improve their competitive position in the market based on principles of maximum efficiency of business processes and increased profitability, guaranteeing a quick return on investment. More information:

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