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Editorial: Gaming / Facebook / Twitter / YouTube / Instagram / News / Discord / Forums / Telegram / WhatsApp The 2022 edition of the League of Legends World Championship is about to start, now that Riot Games announced the schedules of each of the games that we can enjoy during the first part of the tournament. From September 29 to October 4, the Arena Esports Stadium in Mexico City will witness the start of the dispute for the Summoner’s Cup, in which 12 teams from various regional leagues will try to continue their journey through of the Play-In phase. To kick off Worlds 2022, fans from Latin America will have the privilege of enjoying a more than expected matchup, as the tournament will kick off with the LLA champion squad facing off against fourth-placed LEC Europe.

The hosts will make their way to the international public

Having among its ranks players of Hispanic origin as well as great stars from each region, Isurus and MAD Lions will be in charge of opening the curtain on the biggest event of the year. Alongside this matchup, we’ll see squads like RNG, DRX, and Fnatic battle it out against minor region titans like LOUD, Saigon Buffalo, and DetonatioN FocusMe. Once head-to-head matches are over, the top team from each group will automatically advance to the main event. While the second, third and fourth places of their respective teams will play series to the best of 5, to try to secure the last 2 tickets to the next stage. Without further ado, here we leave you the complete itinerary of the Play-In phase of Worlds 2022. The times will be shown with respect to the time of central Mexico, and may vary slightly depending on the time each game or series ends.
September 29th
3:00 PM: Isurus vs. MAD Lions 4:00 PM: Fnatic vs. Evil Geniuses 5:00 PM: LOUD vs. Mega Bank Beyond Gaming 6:00 PM: MAD Lions vs. DenizBank Wildcats 7:00 PM: Chiefs Esports Club vs. Fnatic 8:00 PM: Detonation FocusMe vs. LOUD 9:00 PM: Saigon Buffalo vs. DenizBank Wildcats 10:00 PM: DRX vs. Royal Never Give Up
September 30th
3:00 PM: Fnatic vs. Detonation FocusMe 4:00 PM: Evil Geniuses vs. LOUD 5:00 PM: Saigon Buffalo vs. Isurus 6:00 PM: Detonation FocusMe vs. Chiefs Esports Club 7:00 PM: Evil Geniuses vs. Mega Bank Beyond Gaming 8:00 PM: DRX vs. Saigon Buffalo 9:00 PM: MAD Lions vs. Royal Never Give Up 10:00 PM: DenizBank Wildcats vs. XRD
October 1st
3:00 PM: LOUD vs. Fnatic 4:00 PM: MAD Lions vs. Saigon Buffalo 5:00 PM: Mega Bank Beyond Gaming vs. Detonation FocusMe 6:00 PM: Evil Geniuses vs. Chiefs Esports Club 7:00 PM: Royal Never Give Up vs. Isurus 8:00 PM: Chiefs Esports Club vs. Mega Bank Beyond Gaming 9:00 PM: Royal Never Give Up vs. DenizBank Wildcats 10:00 PM: Isurus vs. XRD
October 2nd
3:00 PM: Mega Bank Beyond Gaming vs. Fnatic 4:00 PM: LOUD vs. Chiefs Esports Club 5:00 PM: DetonatioN FocusMe vs. Evil Geniuses 6:00 PM: DenizBank Wildcats vs. Isurus 7:00 PM: DRX vs. MAD Lions 8:00 PM: Royal Never Give Up vs. saigon buffalo
October 3 – Elimination Series
1:00 PM: TBD vs. TBD 6:00 PM: TBD vs. TBD
October 4 – Qualifying Series
1:00 PM: TBD vs. TBD 6:00 PM: TBD vs. TBD

The Arena Esports Stadium will host the start of Worlds 2022 As the days of competition progress, the results of each day will be updated here until the 4 teams qualified for the group stage are defined, which will begin on October 7. Don’t forget that you can enjoy all the action from Worlds 2022, as well as the matches of our Latin American representatives, through the official Riot Games Twitch and YouTube channels and on the main LoL Esports site. And you, which Play-In confrontation are you most looking forward to? Which teams do you think will advance to the next round? Tell us in the comments. League of Legends is available for PC and Mac. Follow this link to see more news related to this MOBA. On the other hand, here you will find all our coverage on the world of esports. Stay informed with us, at WTTSpod. Font

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