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The actresses Ana de Armas and Blanca Suárez, on different paths, continue advancing in their own careers.

spanish actress Blanca Suarez made a revelation that exploded like a hot potato on social networks. Anne of Arms, her colleague and friend, would be the subject of controversy within the statements. What happened It turns out that the European made it clear what she feels towards the Cuban. “I guess I feel envy,” he said. However, contrary to what one might think, the indications do not really suggest discomfort or resentment between them.In fact, seen the sentences with a context, everything makes sense. Thus, in the complete statements, the admiration that the protagonist of El internado feels towards the new interpreter of Marilyn Monroe.“I guess I feel envybut healthy, from Ana. Because, in the end, we do the same thing. But, above all, it’s very nice to see someone you love succeed”, were the words of the Madrilenian. Likewise, speaking about success and what it could mean, Suárez mentioned his many or few intentions of venturing into Hollywood. “I suppose that this internationalization simply has not happened. But I have not considered crossing the pond how to make a decision in my life. I have not taken it as a bet of anything. Less now, that the projects fly without the need to pack. Whether it will happen or not, I don’t know. But I think that all industries are already very connected, ”he added.

Spanish talent boom

And it is that the migration of Spanish actors is going through a critical moment. Although some have made the decision to migrate to the sunset boulevardothers take advantage of the globalization of productions of the European country to continue there. Two cases of the first are the protagonists of La Casa de Papel: Ursula Corbero Y Alvaro Morte. Both already had space in North American creations. The actress appeared in the GI Joe spin-off, Snake Eyes, and the actor did the same in the Prime Video series, The Wheel of Time. On the contrary, performers such as mario houses and Suárez herself have stayed at home. Although they have been seen around the world for appearing in productions on streaming platforms, their residence has not changed.

Ana de Armas and Blanca Suárez: two paths and a dream

It should be noted that Blanca Suárez came to fame through her leading role in The intership. The celebrity’s incursion into stardom was strengthened by the achievement of a second role, that of Ainhoa ​​Montero in El barco. After her relevance in the main television networks in Spain: Antena 3 and Telecinco, Blanca jumped. Her career was transported, as expected, to streaming. Her first experience on the platforms was with the successful historical series The Cable Girls. So she came back in Prime Video for the remake of El internado: Las Cumbres. Finally, last year he premiered the thriller Jaguar, again for Netflix. For his part, de Armas already has a long-standing relationship with Hollywood. In 2010 he participated in the dubbing of My favorite villainbut it was not until 2015 that her career took off. With Cuban-Spanish roots, Ana was in Knock Knock with Keanu Reeves. War Dogs, Blade Runner and Daggers in the back followed him in his filmography. The latter, in 2019, was perhaps a key part of his professional rise. His roles, as well as his relationship with Ben Affleck placed her on the covers of the main international entertainment magazines. Now, the actress is preparing for the sequels of the Knives Out saga after the recent premiere of The Gray Manon Netflix.

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