Wed. Oct 4th, 2023

Batman Azteca will arrive in the HBO Max catalog in 2023. The cast was highly excited about the production.

From the Mexican ruins a new hero emerges: Batman Aztec. HBO Max premieres this animated film, centered on the protagonist of the comics by Bob Kane and Bill Finger, but as he has never been seen. The film is similar, in theory, to Batman Ninja, which transported the story of the vigilante from Gotham to feudal Japan. Now, a new DC treatment of the character takes him to the colonial era in Mesoamerica. To make the film more indigenous, Warner decided to work hand in hand with Anima Studios. The producer, based in the Mexico City, has created titles such as Don Gato and his gang or La Leyenda del Charro Negro. With Latin American talent behind the scenes, the origin of the hero was modified in order to offer more elements of his own to this new version of the story. Thus, the plot arc follows Yohualli Coatla young man from the Aztec royal family, who loses his father at the hands of the conqueror Hernán Cortés. His orphan and lonely condition drags him to a forgotten temple of titicazin, the bat god of that culture. In this way, Yohu is inspired and creates a masked alter-ego to protect his own, Batman. Dealing with Cortés’s sinister exploration will be the first mission, but along the way multiple threats will make everything difficult. One of these is yokaa version of the Joker. This new edition of the famous villain he is actually a strict priest, who asks the god Huitzilpochtli for advice and he answers him. Faced with the deity’s response, the cleric questions his sanity, but goes ahead with the requested human sacrifices. The madness and lack of clarity lead him to think that everything is a joke and he, the great joker. It should be noted that, in turn, hernan Cuts is a new personification of the popular Dos Caras and has the voice of Alvaro Morte. The actor, widely recognized by La Casa de Papel, is one of the main pillars of the cast. In the same way, Yohu or Bruce Wayne is played by Horacio Garcia Rojas. The Mexican interpreter has been in titles like Narcos: Mexico or Cry Macho, by Clint Eastwood. “Knowing that girls and boys with brown skin, like me, can see themselves in a hero fills me with emotion. As a kid I would have loved to feel represented, but it didn’t happen. Me heart geeky thanks and the child that still lives in me smiles at the thought that: ‘I am Batman’”, mentioned García. Also from Mexico, omar chaparro, voice of Po in Kung Fu Panda and famous comedian, is the Yoka. “I am very happy to be a part of this film and to tell this original story. It is now steeped in the rich history of Mexico. I’ve always loved the Joker and I didn’t want to pass up the chance to play such an iconic villain. We are creating something risky and beautiful at the same time”, commented Chaparro. Thus, Batman Azteca: clash of empires was presented at the Guadalajara Film Festival and will reach the catalog of hbo max in 2023.

By deepak yadav

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