Wed. Dec 6th, 2023

The value of the blockchain is not only found in the management of crypto assets or in the new ways of interacting with money, but it is changing many aspects of our daily lives and our businesses. This is highlighted in the report “Sentinel Report, “Blockchain, a game changer for all industries” by Globant. Where the challenges and benefits of adopting this service are detailed. “There are multiple benefits of blockchain applicable for different uses, from improving the efficiency of transactional processes, to tracking inventories and guaranteeing the authenticity of the product, for example, in the retail industry,” explains Diego Tártara, Chief Technology Officer of Globant.


The Sentinel Report notes that blockchain has already had a positive societal impact, including improving supply chain integrity, protecting digital identity management, and connecting the “unbanked.”

Globant publishes its Sentinel Report on the impact of Blockchain

On this, the key data highlights on the impact of the service are: Blockchain in agriculture and food will reach a value of $1.48 billion by 2026 (BIS Research) The financial sector accounted for around 30% of the blockchain market value (Statista ) Projected growth for blockchain in healthcare in 2028 is over $1 billion (Vantage Market Research)

By Alvaro Rivers

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