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Cybersecurity is in full growth, both in companies and in administrations. One of the biggest concerns that Public Administrations have is that of suffering a cyber attack. The fact that more and more public organizations have been exposed to attacks by cybercriminals has made the prevention and defense of their data and equipment a priority. One of the problems is that the data managed by these entities is very relevant in that it affects many citizens and is very personal. That data is what attracts cybercriminals, who use it to extort money or to sell the data to illegal groups. Administrations, and specifically their technology departments, are increasingly concerned and establishing strategies around cybersecurity, in addition to increasing their budgets in this area. In fact, and as revealed in the latest Barometer of ICT Awards during the first six months of 2022, the investment in cybersecurity by the AA.PP. It has been 121.13 million euros spread over 351 awards, 5.18% of the total public investment in technology.

The largest cybersecurity meeting for the public sector

Given the growing importance of cybersecurity, the Community of Madrid sponsors and ByTIC organizes on October 5 the conference “Cybersecurity for Madrid City Councils” with a clear objective: to raise awareness, train and offer the keys to improve the cybersecurity strategy of the consistories of Madrid.

The Community of Madrid sponsors and ByTIC organizes the conference “Cybersecurity for Madrid City Councils” on October 5

Thus, during the event, in person, experts and cybersecurity managers from the public sector will share experiences, keys and advice. The event will include, among others, Carlos Izquierdo Torres, Minister of Local Administration and Digitization of the Community of Madrid; Alberto Retana, General Director of Digital Policy of the Community of Madrid and Enrique Ávila, Director of the Civil Guard Analysis and Prospective Center; Fernando de Pablo, General Director of the Digital Office at the Madrid City Council; and Andrés Prado, director of the ICT Area at UCLM, who will discuss how to create a cybersecurity culture and the best practices for it. A challenge that Juan Luis Faura will land offering his experience in the Villalbilla Local Police, and that Jaime Pintos, Public Procurement lawyer, will analyze from a legal point of view, with the adaptation and certification of the municipalities to the National Security Scheme as goal. A unique opportunity to advance in a strategic vector to make the digital transformation of the Spanish Administration a reality.
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