Wed. Sep 27th, 2023

MySQL HeatWave is now available on AWS, Oracle’s service is the only one to combine online transaction processing, analytics, machine learning, and machine learning-based automation in a single MySQL database. Now, AWS users can run their transaction processing, analytics, and machine learning workloads in a single service, without wasting time duplicating extract, transform, and load tasks between separate databases. “MySQL HeatWave on AWS simplifies our data platform through a consolidated database for both transaction processing and analytics,” said Thomas Henz, chief executive officer.

MySQL HeatWave on AWS

As part of today’s news, Oracle is also introducing several new features and benchmarks for MySQL HeatWave on AWS:

Unrivaled price-performance ratio: In the realm of machine learning, MySQL HeatWave on AWS is 25x faster than Redshift ML. In a 10 GB TPC-C* workload, MySQL HeatWave delivers sustained performance and up to 10x higher performance than Amazon Aurora at high concurrency.

AWS native experience: MySQL HeatWave on AWS delivers a true native experience for AWS customers with millisecond latencies for their applications and a rich interactive console. It makes it easy to manage schemas and data and run queries interactively from the console. Users can monitor the performance of their queries and the utilization of provisioned resources.

Starting now, AWS users can enjoy transaction processing, real-time analytics, and machine learning in a single service with MySQL HeatWave.

Advanced security features: The MySQL HeatWave service now offers several comprehensive security features that further differentiate itself from Amazon Aurora. These include server-side data masking and de-identification, asymmetric data encryption, and a database firewall.

MySQL Autopilot: Autopilot provides machine learning and workload-based automation of various aspects of the application lifecycle, including provisioning, data management, query execution, and fault handling. Autopilot features include auto provisioning, auto parallel loading, auto coding, auto data placement, auto scheduling, auto query plan enhancement, auto change propagation, and auto error handling.

Machine learning: HeatWave ML provides in-database machine learning capabilities such as training, inference, and explanation. This enables customers to safely use machine learning with real-time data without the complexity, latency, and cost of extract, transform, and load (ETL).


Starting today, MySQL HeatWave is available on multiple clouds, including OCI and AWS, and will be available on Microsoft Azure in the near future. It is also offered on-premises as part of the Oracle Dedicated Region Cloud Customer for organizations that are unable to move their database workloads to the public cloud. Additionally, customers can replicate data from their on-premises MySQL online transaction processing (OLTP) applications to MySQL HeatWave on AWS or OCI for near real-time analytics.

By Alvaro Rivers

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