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Editorial: Gaming / Facebook / Twitter / YouTube / Instagram / News / Discord /Telegram / Google News The last season of the Pokémon anime is giving a lot to talk about. A few days ago we told you about how Ash Ketchum, the protagonist of the entire story, was making his way in the most important tournament in which he has participated in his entire history and how along the way he met one of the best coaches and favorite of the fans. Well, the anime not only fulfilled Ash’s dream of facing off against this powerful waifu, but also offered phenomenal combat and a historical outcome.
SPOILER: Of course, next we will talk about details of the plot of the current season of Pokémon Ultimate Journeys, which is only broadcast in Japan and will arrive later in the West. That said, if you want to find out how the plot unfolds by watching the series on your own, we invite you to stop reading now.
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What happened in Ash Ketchum’s match against Cynthia?

The match we are talking about is Ash’s semifinal against Cynthia of the World Coronation Series, a competition that seeks to define the best of the best; that is, in the highest phase, Masters Eight. The fight between these legendary trainers consisted of 3 complete chapters, which have already been broadcast in Japan. As we informed you days ago, the fight did not start very well for Ash, since in the first chapter Cynthia used 4 Pokémon out of 6 and Ash only weakened 2 thanks to Cynthia’s strategic changes. On the contrary, Ash lost 3, thanks to the Spiritomb. In the second chapter Ash made up some ground especially thanks to Sirfetch’d, which finished off Milotic and weakened Cynthia’s flagship Pokémon Garchomp. Thus, the third chapter began with 2 Pokémon remaining for Cynthia (Togekiss and Garchomp) and 1 for Ash (Lucario).

Ash Ketchum and Cynthia’s fight was one of the best in anime

The trilogy of chapters had already left memorable moments, but the third one was definitely the best. Cynthia dynamaxed her Togekiss and Ash mega-evolved into her Lucario. Although Ash had the advantage for the type, the truth is that Togekiss held like a tank, Lucario made him fall 1 time, but he managed to stand up. One of the most incredible moments was when Lucario received the direct attack from Togekiss, but did not stop charging his Aural Sphere until he released it, all in sync with Ash, which evoked both Ash Greninja’s bond and the scene where Goku in spirit he helps Gohan launch a Kamehameha to defeat Cell in Dragon Ball Z. Although the incredible attack knocked Togekiss down and he stood up (no longer dynamaxed), Lucario managed to defeat him with a direct Bullet Punch.

Who was better, Ash Ketchum or Cynthia?

Thus, the expected final, Lucario against Garchomp, began. Although many wanted to see both Pokémon mega-evolved, the truth is that in the end it was a fight that was up to the task. The 2 Pokémon used what fuel they had left to do a pure and simple punching match, Garchomp with Dragon Claw and Lucario dealing Bullet Punches. The end of the fight occurred when both charged final blows that paralyzed and even knocked them down. However, Lucario managed to get to his feet after several seconds, but Garchomp did not, giving Ash the win over Cynthia. Some might argue that the writers and the “script armor” favored Ash, but the truth is that the fight at the end was good. Also, let’s remember that both Pokémon were already exhausted, especially Garchomp, which received a full Star Assault from Sirfetch’d (150 power points). Another point that must be highlighted is that the details were taken care of, since Lucario’s final blow was Reversal, a movement that is more powerful the less energy the Pokémon that uses it has; Considering that Lucario was close to fainting, this last blow had a potency of about 200 points, compared to 80 for Garchomp’s Dragon Claw.
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Ash made it to the finals of the Masters Eight and will fight Leon!

After winning the second semifinal of the competition, the grand final was defined, in which Ash will have to face Leon in a 6v6 battle. It is unknown which Pokémon Ash will use, but fans wish and speculate on the possibility that Ash uses some Pokémon from the Pokémon Ranch (captured throughout the entire history of the anime) and thus forms his definitive team, since the current world champion has shown that he hardly makes mistakes in battle and there is no doubt that Ash will have to use everything the best he has or come up with a strategy that throws Leon off balance.

If you are a fan of Cynthia, don’t worry. At the start of their match she told Diantha that she planned to retire after the match with Ash. But this event made her change her mind and she will continue in the world of Pokémon battles. In addition, her participation was not bad, since she became one of the 4 best trainers in the anime universe. The bad news is that the next chapters, which air in Japan every week, will be focused on Goh, Ash’s partner, in his mission as a Pokémon researcher, so it will take a few weeks to find out if Ash Ketchum finally will fulfill his dream of being the best Pokémon Trainer.

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