Wed. Sep 27th, 2023

With the latest version of the software for the InfiniBox platform, the Infinidat company becomes one of the few manufacturers that offers a solution with NVMe/TCP certified for VMware. The two new certifications are: NVMe/TCP and, on the other, vVols. The new certification reinforces the power of the architecture, which has been designed to support multiple protocols, including Fiber Channel, iSCSI, NFS, SMB, and NVMe-over-Fabrics (NVMe-oF). All these protocols will be available with InfiniBox without additional license costs, regardless of the type of support used in the backend. “Infinidat continues to enrich VMware environments with capabilities that add value without adding cost, so it’s no surprise that most of our customers leverage our solutions in their own environments,” said Erik Kaulberg, vice president of Strategy and Alliances at Infinidat.

Infinity and VMware

NVMe/TCP is increasingly seen as the natural successor to iSCSI, delivering double-digit performance improvements for many workloads while minimizing new hardware requirements. With NVMe-oF, the company offers operators optimized, DRAM-based performance, whether they are using rotating media systems or the new InfiniBox SSA II solid-state array, which offers latencies as low as 35 microseconds.

With the latest software release for the InfiniBox platform, Infinidat becomes one of the few vendors to offer a VMware certified NVMe/TCP solution

For its part, the replication of vVols with InfiniBox is done through VMware Site Recovery Manager (SRM) combining native VMware disaster recovery with the implementation of Infinidat vVols. This way, SRM users will be able to orchestrate InfiniBox asynchronous replication for vVols without the need to use a separate Storage Replication Adapter (SRA). For their part, Infinidat customers not running vVols will still be able to use the InfiniBox SRA to manage replication from the InfiniBox at no additional cost.


The new support capabilities will be available later this quarter with the release of the new version of the software.

By Alvaro Rivers

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