Fri. Dec 8th, 2023

One of InterSystems’ pillars is global customer support through the Worldwide Support Center (WCR). InterSystems views support as an open avenue for its customers to benefit from the work the organization does. In the words of Terry Ragon, CEO and founder of InterSystems, “InterSystems’ goal is that our customers can benefit from our work. We pursue excellence in everything we do. And we strive to be a company that our partners can trust with their future and long-term success.” The open philosophy of the InterSystems WRC provides expert engineer-led care, eliminating levels of care that require you to go back and forth to get the help you need. It is the client himself who decides when the problem has been resolved, which is always dealt with in order to reach a global solution for the entire system and not just for a specific incident. At InterSystems, the WRC’s expert engineers are encouraged to spend as much time as necessary on each problem until they understand the underlying needs.

Training area

In addition to support available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, in a wide variety of languages, InterSystems has articulated an online training area,, available anytime, anywhere, anywhere. free. It offers interactive media, role-based learning paths, and preconfigured containers for a positive visitor experience.

The open philosophy of the InterSystems WRC provides expert engineer-led care, eliminating levels of care that require switching from one speaker to another

Organizations may change roles and responsibilities, or new professionals may be hired who need to understand the InterSystems technology used in your organization. The training area resolves the limitations associated with this dynamic of change. In addition, user feedback and suggestions help InterSystems refine its technology and take careful note of emerging needs in new professional and business settings. A third area where customers can exchange views and learn is the InterSystems Developer Community, where more than 11,000 developers from around the world share their knowledge and solutions in multiple languages, including Spanish. Finally, our annual meeting point, both the recently held Global Summit 2022 and the InterSystems Local Summit, which will take place on November 16 and 17, in Valencia, dedicate much of their content to the technological aspects of solutions from InterSystems.

By Alvaro Rivers

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