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In Japan there is a peculiar style of board game known as “Sagurupan (探パン) (unconfirmed romanization)”, which consists of two cards showing female characters. The characters in question are divided into upper and lower halves, with the upper half showing her face and the lower half showing her skirt and sometimes her panties. It turns out that a version has emerged that includes the girls from the franchise of Azure Lane.
Then the player must find out who the skirt or panties belong to and connect it with each of the upper illustrations (torsos). It’s an embarrassing but fun board game of deduction with very simple rules, played by three to six people. instructions, according to GameMarketthey write: The player chooses one of the girls (upper body card) and puts the panties he wants her to wear from his hand (lower body card). The other player is asked a question to which they can answer with a yes or no to guess the established lower body card.The player guesses based on the other player’s answer to the question, their reaction, and the cards in their hand, and chooses the panties they think are “the one” from the panty cards on the table. . The player who guesses right gets the panties card and scores a point.

Azur Lane Synopsis

When the “Sirens”, an alien force with an arsenal far surpassing current technology, suddenly appeared, a divided humanity leaned on each other for the first time in history. Four countries, Eagle Union, Royal Navy, Sakura Empire and Iron Blood, formed “Azur Lane”, paving the way for the improvement of modern warfare, leading to a first victory against the common threat. However, this tenuous union was threatened by two opposing ideals, dividing the alliance in two and fragmenting humanity again. As an experienced fighter, Enterprise, nicknamed the “Grey Ghost”, carries the “Azur Lane” on her shoulders in hopes of ending the war. But behind her stoic custom hides a fragile girl, afraid of the ocean. Still, she continues to fight because she believes it is the sole purpose of her existence. Font: Otakomu
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