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When it comes to having a masculine appearance, one always thinks of a wide and prominent jawline, strong cheekbones, a presence nose and a wide forehead. All this with a good proportion, seasoned with good hair and a sharp look. All this is what many men seek to have, and what they find when they decide to go through a process of facial masculinization or Mascu-Look in specialized beauty centers.

But what exactly is the Masculook?

The Masculook, also spelled Mascu-Look, is a treatment that focuses on masculinizing the man’s face. It is generally done for aesthetic purposes to highlight those features that are so typical of the masculine gender to make any man look more attractive or, rather, more manly. Within the Western masculine beauty canons, we can all get an idea of ​​what this implies: highlighting the cheekbones, the chin, giving more definition to the jaw or even widening the nose. Now, although every man who decides to go through this treatment seeks the same goal, it must be very clear that the physiognomy of a person is very different from that of any other. Therefore, when you decide to go through this masculook process, you should start with a study. Specialized centers such as the MaxiloDexeus clinic in Barcelona analyze the shape, the physiognomy of the person in question and, of course, their needs. There are times when only one area needs to be perfected, but there are also times when the procedure must be applied to the entire face. On many occasions, it is as simple as using localized hyaluronic acid solutions. With extremely fine needles, small doses are injected into the necessary points through sessions that usually do not even last an hour. The most curious thing is that the results are practically instantaneous and long-lasting. In fact, after a facial masculinization session, features can be enhanced for up to 18 months. That point in favor is also a point against, since it makes it clear that it is not something perennial, but expired. Men who want to show off a more manly face would need to periodically go through operating rooms or specialized centers to repeat the procedure and maintain that distinctive, so “manly” appearance, unless they decide to opt for other more invasive solutions. It is also worth mentioning that this solution, although it may seem merely aesthetic, is useful in those cases of sex change in which you seek to highlight the features even more.

Usual treatments in facial masculinization

As we have explained, the usual thing in masculook is the injection of hyaluronic acid in localized areas. However, Dr. Toni Arcas, a specialist in facial masculinization, explains that if exceptional and long-lasting results are sought, it is necessary to contemplate several treatments that are linked to the masculinization of a man’s face, and we are going to list and detail them below: Augmentation of the cheekbones: in addition to hyaluronic acid, there are cases in which cosmetic surgery centers allow the possibility of placing personalized prostheses for the cheekbones that give a greater angularity to the face. By doing this, a much longer lasting effect is achieved, in fact it is practically permanent. However, the intervention is also more complicated. Frontoplasty: the forehead is enlarged and widened to achieve a more harmonious finish with the rest of the face. Although this is not always the case, an excessively flat forehead can also be given the right volume, or some bumps or unattractive irregularities can be eliminated. Mentoplasty: without a doubt, one of the most demanded interventions among both men and women. If we limit ourselves to masculooking, here what is done is to give more prominence to the chin so that a more marked jaw is drawn between it and the cheekbones. Not only can it be given more volume and shape, it can also be moved to achieve a more symmetrical and stylized finish. Rhinoplasty: another of the aesthetic treatments par excellence, so much so that men and women go for it alike. Again, we must transfer it to the concept of masculooking, in which case we are talking about wider and more prominent noses, noses that are more “matched” with the new volume of the forehead and in harmony with the cheekbones. And no, this is not achieved with hyaluronic acid injections alone, especially if you want results forever. Hair Implants: alopecia is one of man’s greatest enemies, and its treatment is another of the most sought after when we talk about hair loss. masculinization of the face Luckily, the new hair transplant solutions achieve results that are as fast, effective as they are minimally invasive and highly durable. They are certainly infallible. These are the treatments that are most often given when we talk about masculinizing a face. Aesthetic centers are increasingly specializing in offering complete solutions in this sense, which bring together more than one of these solutions to achieve the desired final result.

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