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Programmers are one of the most sought-after profiles in Spanish companies, which, thanks to European funds, are undertaking an unprecedented digitization process. For this, very specific technological profiles are necessary. In this context and on the occasion of the day of the programmer, atSistemas has announced the four profiles of programmers most in demand and best paid. “Currently, programmer profiles are essential in all types of companies. It is essential that future professionals know which profiles are currently most in demand and paid in order to be able to guide their career from the outset” explains Elena Cantero, People & Talent Manager at atSistemas.

Most popular programmers

These are the four profiles of programmers most in demand and best paid:

Cybersecurity expert. The demand for this profile has increased markedly since the outbreak of the pandemic. These professionals must not only be able to protect company data, but also continually test their defenses, improve security protocols, and engage all employees in protecting information. For this reason, according to the ‘Labor Market Report’ prepared by InfoJobs, the average annual salary of a junior profile is usually around €50,000, while more senior profiles can reach €150,000.

These are the 4 most demanded and best paid programmers profiles

Data Analysts and Data Scientists. The number of companies that make use of data analytics is increasing. With more than 1,130 job offers published according to the InfoJobs job portal, these types of profiles are also the most in demand. Not in vain, junior professionals usually earn an average annual salary of €35,000 while seniors can earn more than double, according to Indeed.
Experts in DevOps & Cloud Computing. The demand for these profiles is more recent, compared to the rest, but the growth of this market seems to have no limit. Thus, in Spain, on average, the annual salary of a junior DevOps programmer, according to Glassdoor, is around €50,000, while that of a senior can reach €90,000.
Mobile Apps Developer. Since the appearance of the first mobile phones with internet, this type of profile has been among the most demanded, since they are in charge of designing, creating and optimizing an application so that it can be used on different mobile devices. In this way, in Spain the average annual salary of a mobile app developer is €29,000 in the case of more junior profiles and €80,000 in the case of senior profiles, according to Glassdoor.

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