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Editorial: Gaming / Facebook / Twitter / YouTube / Instagram / News / Discord /Telegram / Google News Not everything in the world of football gaming is FIFA or eFootball, there is also a franchise that is gaining followers with each installment because it is capable of making the dream of managing every aspect of the game come true. your favorite team in the major leagues. This year will not be the exception and the best thing is that it is shaping up to be the most important launch of the franchise.
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Football Manager 2023 will be day 1 on PC Game Pass and Xbox Game Pass

Sports Interactive and SEGA revealed the release date of Football Manager 2023, the new installment of their football management simulator that has earned a privileged place among sports proposals each year. To begin with, the relationship with Xbox has paid off as more and more players are coming to the IP via the Microsoft environment, so the premiere could not be any different. According to official information, the new installment of Football Manager will arrive on November 8 and both its PC version and its console version will be available on PC Game Pass and Xbox Game Pass respectively. On the other hand, Football Manager 2023 in console version will be the first installment to arrive on PlayStation, debuting the same day on PS5. In the case of Switch, the Touch version will be offered that will take advantage of the screen technology of the hybrid console, while the debut on Apple Arcade and iOS will see the debut of the Touch and Mobile versions. On the other hand, a report by The Gamer revealed that the “physical” edition of Football Manager 2023 will not be such as it will not have a disc, but a download code. According to the company, this is part of a strategy to do something about the carbon footprint in favor of caring for the environment. Still here at WTTSpod.
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