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Why is Marvel Studios experiencing so many more leaks with spoilers on networks than before? The study explains the truth behind this event.

The Hollywood Reporter has revealed how the covid-19 protocols have had a tremendous impact on the number of leaks that have emerged online related to Marvel Studios. And also in all the spoilers of recent projects of the UCM before its theatrical release. The most notorious case is that of Spider-Man: No Way Mane, although there are other examples as well. Many people are familiar with the social distancing obligations brought about by the pandemic. For example, that people have to keep 1.5 meters away from each other to reduce the spread of the virus. The report from The Hollywood Reporter reveals that social distancing made it harder to run proper security on Marvel Studios movies. That led to unauthorized people gaining access to secret and classified information. And thus made it possible for many more spoilers to be leaked on social media. The report also mentions Avengers: Endgame (2019). Despite being one of the biggest movies in cinematic history, Marvel Studios was able to keep almost everything under wraps during its production. The same thing happened with the first season of The Mandalorian. According to a fan who follows all the leaks related to the MCU, the increase in leaks and spoilers in movies like Spider-Man: No Way Home either Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings It’s because production members are forced to work under conditions that aren’t as strict as they were before the pandemic.

What judicial options has the study taken?

Marvel Studios has attempted to take legal action against those responsible for these leaks. Some of the leaks may not have come from a member of the production, but from someone close to them. After all, covid-19 forced them to work from home. According to The Hollywood Reporter, security on the set of Marvel Studios has also become more difficult to manage. Before the pandemic, a shot was finished and everyone could calmly go review it on the monitor. Due to social distancing, this is no longer possible. The shots are sent directly to a series of devices that the different members of the production have. This is what, surely, has allowed other people to see secret information and have leaked it.Share0

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