Fri. Mar 1st, 2024

By Robert Ballart, Director of Alliance Development at Econocom By Robert Ballart, Director of Alliance Development at Econocom At the end of the film, it is unquestionable to state that the COVID-19 pandemic has forced a large number of companies around the world to re-evaluate their priorities and initiatives in digital transformation and to create new strategies to adapt. At Econocom we want to help all digital leaders to rethink their current situation and define how to move forward from the point of view of their corporate culture, processes and technology. Digital transformation has never been as important as it is now and from our experience, we base 4 axes on which this Digital Transformation process is based:
Strategy and business model, customer experience, processes and people.
The proposal that Econocom makes available to customers addresses these 4 axes of Digital Transformation with a Comprehensive “end-to-end” Solution of Digital User and Cloud & Infrastructure Services These solutions have the cross-cutting capabilities of Government, Distribution with logistics Advanced and Financing to provide them with flexible payment and turn them into “As a Service” solutions.
Our “employee centric” vision seeks to redefine the employee experience as an internal user of the organization.
The objective is to provide global solutions that allow teams to improve their digital skills by offering adapted IT services and, in this way, impact the business by surrounding ourselves with the leading technological solutions in the market. This Comprehensive Solution covers all layers: from advice and design of the technical and economic service model, with a customized launch project and change management according to the needs of the companies, to the transfer of knowledge and resources, including management comprehensive service (administration, monitoring, both reactive and proactive and evolutionary support). Also holding innovation workshops, which are collaborative and interactive sessions with the participation of all persons of interest and teams with knowledge of the company’s business, with the aim of generating an action plan with technological solutions to develop specific needs and offer our clients the possibility of improving their processes.

By Alvaro Rivers

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