Fri. Dec 8th, 2023

When the summer holidays arrive, our habits change completely, especially if we have children. It seems that they never run out of energy and they always want to be on the move. However, with the heat you have to be very careful, especially this summer because the temperatures are higher than normal. In this article we have listed some of the precautions important things to have with your children when summer arrives.

1. Sun exposure

Children’s skin is more delicate than ours. The heat stroke in children It can be terrible, although with some precautions we can prevent it from occurring:
Avoid the hours of maximum solar influx: most commonly, it is the interval between the 12 and 4 p.m., although it is important to check the temperature before leaving to avoid doing so if it is very high. In addition, solar radiation usually reaches maximum levels in the month of July.Hydration: Due to the heat, in the summer it is easier for a child to become dehydrated. For this reason it is important that they consume fluids on a recurring basis, even if they are not thirsty. It is not necessary that they only drink water, but they can be hydrated in many ways. For example, they could drink tropical fruit juices, melon, watermelon, gazpacho, etc.Head protection: The children’s head is the area most susceptible to the sun’s rays, so it must be adequately protected. It is convenient to invest in a good cap, hat and an umbrella. The less time the sun gives them, the better.Sunglasses: You also have to protect the eyes of the little ones in the house, since they suffer a lot. For this we are going to use sunglasses, but they cannot be just any. We need to make sure they have ultraviolet protection.

2. Water

Without a doubt, the water activities They are the clear favorites of children and those of the not so children. Regardless of whether it is in the morning or in the afternoon, whether it is colder or hotter, surely at any time they want to take a good dip. When carrying out these activities, extreme precautions must also be taken:
Surveillance: There are many beach or pool accidents every year, and mere seconds apart can be devastating. For this reason it is very important that there is always a responsible adult to watch over them, regardless of whether or not there is a lifeguard.Swimming: as soon as possible, the boy or girl should learn to swim. In practically any municipality it is possible to find swimming classes. For very little we will be giving them a weapon that they will use to defend themselves in life.Common sense: In addition to the above, common sense must prevail above all else and follow the basic security measures of each place.

3. Food

The feeding It is another of the key aspects that we have to take care of when summer arrives. The main mistake we make is due to the rush: with all the plans and activities that we carry out, it is possible that we do not have time to prepare a proper menu. This means that we have to eat more frequently outside the home, or have a menu of sandwiches. Experts recommend drawing a balanced diet planning and try to follow it to the letter. With unforeseen events it is very easy for us to skip this planning, but we will have a certain organization at least.

4. Choice of clothing and footwear

Another mistake that we usually make when summer arrives is to think that children can wear the same shoes or clothes when they go to the pool, as if we are going to walk around the municipality or through the mountains. If we are talking about places where they are going to be in contact with water, it is recommended that they carry flip flops or booties. In short, something that allows the feet to breathe. To go on a longer tour, flip-flops are not recommended, since children could suffer chafing and prevent them from walking. The best footwear will be sneakers that give a good support to the foot. However, it is also possible to find flip flops that offer this support. As for clothing, it would be interesting to use a type of garment that has been made with breathable fabrics; thus, we prevent the skin from suffocating and sweating a lot. We must not forget that light clothing is the least hot. You will also have to make sure that it is the lightest type of clothing possible.
This series of precautions they are the most important when summer comes and we have children. Be sure to follow them and you can enjoy the summer to the fullest.

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