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By Carlos Gándara, head of B2B at Samsung SpainBy Carlos Gándara, head of B2B at Samsung Spain In its report for CIOs 2022, Info-Tech Research Group identified as one of the main priorities for technology managers to establish the necessary foundations for employees to be able to work in the office and at home, no problem. Although it seems like a complex goal, you just have to think about what essential requirements that ideal job should have and how we can carry it out with the right technology partner. At Samsung we believe that the Digital Workplace must meet three premises: productivity, security and flexibility, to adapt to any need. Whether it’s for a sales, marketing or customer service department, people need devices that offer good performance and the ability to connect with others smoothly and without interruption. In this connected ecosystem, all the elements work together to promote employee productivity. We rely on a workspace that works in an open way, thanks also to the collaboration with partners like Microsoft and Google. We bet on seamless continuity with our Galaxy ecosystem, which lets you pick up where you left off—whether it’s a PC, tablet, or smartphone—and use Quick Share and Link To Windows to quickly share content and make calls.

At Samsung we believe that the Digital Workplace must meet three premises: productivity, security and flexibility

Beyond productivity and connectivity, security is another of the most important points in this digital workspace. Samsung offers built-in data protection from the chip with Samsung Knox in all of its products. Even our Galaxy Book2 Business PC provides additional layers of defense against attacks; such as biometric protection through fingerprint login, camera security with infrared recognition, and a physical camera shutter. Galaxy Book2 Business controls potential attacks at both the BIOS and operating system levels. Using Intel vPro, which includes Intel Hardware Shield, reduces the chances of malware invading the operating system. Galaxy Book2 Business also includes Microsoft Secured-Core, with protection against malicious code and kernel and firmware attacks. Finally, the digital workplace must be considered ‘flexible’ on its own. It does not matter if we work from a client meeting room with a tablet, in a restaurant via mobile or with the PC at home. Needs evolve fast and so do business requirements. The ecosystem with which we work must advance in line, and provide us with a wide range of possibilities for any field of work. At Samsung we are committed to innovation, and 25% of our workforce worldwide is dedicated to it. We know that the digital workplace will continue to transform and face new challenges. We will continue to provide significant innovations to fulfill our commitment: to accompany companies during their digital transformation.

By Alvaro Rivers

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