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Editorial: Gaming / Facebook / Twitter / YouTube / Instagram / News / Discord /Telegram / Google News The change of console generation took place in the middle of a pandemic and since 2020 we are in a transition phase. At the same time, changes of plans have become commonplace and there is really no release date set in stone; delays have been the name of the game. However, there are still more factors involved for this and in the case of Xbox and its studies it has to do with current technologies.

Head of Xbox Game Studios reveals that not only the pandemic is to blame for the delays

Speaking at PAX West 2022 (via Pure Xbox), Head of Xbox Game Studios Matt Booty spoke about the delays that have taken place in the video game industry in recent years. Although the COVID-19 pandemic was the main cause, as the development processes had to adapt out of necessity, in addition to the fact that the industry suffered from problems in the manufacturing and distribution chains, the development teams have had to deal with the technological changes.
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Devs are adapting to hardware changes from Xbox One to Xbox Series X|S

The above was pointed out by the manager as one of the reasons why we are at a time plagued by delays and changes in plans, because in the case of Xbox Game Studios there are teams that are just learning about ray tracing: “the teams they’ve really leaned in and figured out a lot of great ways to work during the pandemic, and there’s actually been a lot of innovation around that. We’re still at the forefront of a new generation of consoles. Teams are still figuring out things like plotting Ray”. Later, Matt Booty mentioned that another detail to consider in the Xbox teams and their projects is the change in hardware. This is because Xbox Series X | S, unlike its predecessor, makes more use of the CPU compared to the GPU, so developers have had to adapt to it: “we spent 5 or 10 years discovering how to optimize things for GPUs, everything moved to the graphics card and that’s where all the work was done. Now, as games get heavier on things like simulation, even some of the graphics workload is actually more on the CPU side, so now we have teams trying to kind of back up and figure out what’s going to move over to the processor, find the balance between the two. We’re still struggling with that.” Still here at WTTSpod.
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