Mon. Feb 26th, 2024

At the time of acquiring a wheelchair because you already have reduced mobility and risks begin to appear, it is normal for doubts to arise about which is the best investment. A manual wheelchair is the most basic option and essentially has a seat, footrests and four wheels, two of which are smaller to make changes of direction easier. It is a functional chair but when it comes to practicality, nothing like an electric wheelchair that provides independence and autonomy that are definitely better suited to your needs. Electric wheelchairs, which are chairs that have a motor, are a true gift of comfort and mainly of mobility for those elderly people who would otherwise be limited. For intensive use and long tours they are definitely the best. And just like the manual ones, they also have their version in folding format.

Contribute to a flawless post-operative

Wheelchairs have a very close relationship with hospitals. They are part of the clinical and hospital furniture as an essential aid piece. After going through an operating room in certain interventions, among which fractures in the lower extremities, hip or back stand out; to have a postoperative calmer, it is better to make the first trips in a wheelchair. This reduces the discomfort of the postoperative process that can sometimes last even months and those caused by moving with crutches, canes or walkers; methods that involve pain and fatigue that is difficult for older people to cope with. Even during a convalescence temporary after a period of hospitalization there are factors that improve the quality of life of patients, and if you want to have an ideal level of mobility, especially for the elderly, you have to take into account the resource of the wheelchair. An injury that becomes complicated, a complex operation or a long convalescence are also responsible for people having to spend a good season confined to a wheelchair. There are convalescence that last even more than a year and therefore it is necessary to evaluate well what type of chair is chosen. When choosing a wheelchair, aspects such as the materials from which the chair is made must be assessed, because this will influence the weight of the chair and its resistance to knocks or scratches, the width of the seat and therefore of the chair, and the comfort it can provide. Other details to consider are whether it has a lift-up footrest, the size of the wheels, any modifications it may have by the time of bathwave safety and anchors. Wheelchair manufacturers give guidance on the maximum weight of the user depending on the model, and it is imperative to adhere well to the indications.

Wheelchairs in the geriatric environment

Being able to go out in the sun or be in the leisure room can become a luxury for certain older people who are in a geriatric and have reduced mobility, so one of the most common measures is the use of a wheelchair. In nursing homes, workers have to constantly move the people who live there and sometimes they can’t cope, so in this case, users who have an electric chair within their reach gain in quality of life, since they are ideal both for indoor and outdoor use. Especially if the user has to be in a wheelchair all the time, it is necessary to take into account the battery duration and the weight both for the handling of the elderly themselves and for the case of its folding and loading in a vehicle. In short, the most recommended chairs are electric ones with good autonomy.

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