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Editorial: Gaming / Facebook / Twitter / YouTube / Instagram / News / Discord /Telegram / Google News There was a time when Retro Studios earned Nintendo’s full trust and perhaps at the time, when they were commissioned to release Metroid Prime 3: Corruption, the team thought it was time to do something different but without the Japanese company knowing it, at least not at the beginning. Recently, it was revealed that the Texas studio was working on a very different proposal than usual for The Legend of Zelda until it crashed with Nintendo’s refusal.
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Retro Studios worked on a tactical game of The Legend of Zelda

The recent episode of Did You Know Gaming? on YouTube he shared details about a project Retro Studios worked on in 2008 involving The Legend of Zelda. According to the information, it was a tactical game, inspired by the proposal and success of Final Fantasy Tactics, which would star the last male Sheikah and Sheik from Ocarina of Time, at that time the tentative title for this project. it was Heroes of Hyrule.

Heroes of Hyrule was the name of the project, but Nintendo rejected it

Likewise, reports from The Gamer and Nintendo Life shared more details about this project that achieved an interesting degree of development in a short time with concept art and even a playable prototype. Although the source that provided the information indicates that it is actually 2 Zelda games by Retro Studios in those years, it seems that only one of them can be talked about at this time, the tactical one. In this regard, it is pointed out that the story would present an old Link in possession of a book in which Ganon’s spirit was sealed, however, he came back to life and it would be the work of a Rite, a Zora and a Goron to save the hero. and Hyrule. Although in terms of ideas and concept there was progress, it seems that the communication between the creatives and the managers was not the best, so Heroes of Hyrule had some deficiencies. However, Retro Studios thought that there was something good enough and attractive enough to catch the attention of Nintendo. It was not like that, because when the project was presented to the company, it was immediately rejected and the creatives could not defend their proposal. Still here at WTTSpod.
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