Fri. Dec 8th, 2023

Twitter user “光月こたけ (@kangokugai)” shared an update on Twitter that immediately went viral because it criticized the inconsistencies of feminist criticism on social networks towards erotic illustrations. According to the user, who identifies as a girl with large breasts and good curves, if they made an illustration based on her it would be “misogynistic”.
Her post, which added an example illustration, wrote: If it is “misogynistic to highlight sexual parts like breasts and buttocks when illustrating women”, then if I illustrate my body shape as it is, like a real person with large breasts and buttocks and a narrow waist, does that lead to misogyny and sexual exploitation? When someone draws me, do they have to reshape my breasts and buttocks to make me more acceptable?

Of course, her publication did not go unnoticed by the feminist collective, and she added a response to a comment from a female in this group: «You are not real. You violate the law of gravity. I can only ask that such exaggerated expressions be used where permitted.» wrote the comment. But the girl replied: «This is an illustration taken from a photograph of mine. My own breasts are not sagging, they are round and large, defying gravity». That’s right, the illustration in question is based on her real body, going against the common argument of feminists in Japan that “women’s bodies shown in illustrations are unreal”. And she continued: «This is an illustration drawn by Yuha Takamori from a photograph of mine. I don’t want to be told that I’m a sexual exaggerator and have my breasts reduced and my waist thickened. What’s wrong with having a thin waist and big breasts?».

And as evidence, she shared the photographs that prove that it is her, although somewhat modified to avoid retaliation. It should be noted that the issue was closed with this, since there was nothing more to say on the part of both parties.

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By deepak yadav

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