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Editorial: Gaming / Facebook / Twitter / YouTube / Instagram / News / Discord /Telegram When players were able to see what would be new in The Last of Us: Part I compared to the original game in terms of gameplay, many questioned why some gameplay mechanics from The Last of Us weren’t taken advantage of. Last of Us: Part II, like dodge. Well, Naughty Dog has just revealed the reasons. The remake not only improved visually, but it is also possible to see a lot of technical innovations that take advantage of all the qualities of the PlayStation 5 and the Naughty Dog experience. In the sound section there are some cases that even went “beyond what they achieved in The Last of Us: Part II”. As for the gameplay, the developer took a more reserved path with the intention of not transforming the original experience.
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Naughty Dog wanted to keep the original gaming experience of The Last of Us faithful

In a new video from the development of the remake, Game Director Matthew Gallant revealed that the reason they didn’t implement the dodge seen in The Last of Us: Part II (Ellie could do it) is because “it felt wrong for Joel.” , plus there was a set of mechanics designed for Clickers in the original title (if one caught the player, the game was interrupted or even marked the end of the game on the highest difficulty) that would be “disrupted” if it were possible to dodge them ; in other words, it could somewhat break the charm of the original title. “If you’re facing a Clicker in The Last of Us: Part I, you really need to keep your distance from that Clicker because if he catches you, he’s going to kill you. I think we found a great balance on that in The Last of Us: Part II playing as Ellie, but this just felt wrong to Joel. [en The Last of Us: Part I]”.
In case you missed it: Naughty Dog implemented a gameplay mechanic from The Last of Us: Part II in The Last of Us: Part I. Under this same philosophy, then, the impossibility of the player being able to crawl in the remake, another mechanic from The Last of Us, is justified. : Part II that fans wanted to see in the remake. The implementation of this mechanic could greatly modify the gameplay and the original experience in general, so Naughty Dog decided better not to adapt it to the remake. “The authenticity to the original game justified all the decisions we made,” said Christian Wohlwend, lead designer on the project, who spoke again of the increased number of enemies on screen that the PlayStation 5 allows, an improvement that does not compromise the gaming experience. as the evasion system would have done. What did you think of the new features implemented in The Last of Us: Part I? Tell us in the comments. The Last of Us: Part I debuted today on PlayStation 5 and will be coming to PC later. You can find more news related to The Last of Us if you visit this page.
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