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Since Bitcoin hit the $100 dollar level in 2013, the number of miners has multiplied, so much so that it takes months to get a reward. Also, mining now requires more computing power, far exceeding what any home computer can handle and therefore consuming much more energy to extract portions of Bitcoin. Currently there are 4 different ways to extract Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in general. Stay until the end and discover one of the best options to earn free money with cryptocurrency mining!

1. CPU Mining

This is the method most of you are already familiar with. CPU mining uses processors to mine cryptocurrencies, and was the most viable option when Bitcoin was not as widespread. Nowadays, fewer and fewer people use this option because it is slow, offers minimal reward, and miners end up paying more for power and cooling.

2. GPU Mining

This is the most popular method of mining cryptocurrencies, mainly because It is the most efficient and profitable option on the market. GPU mining rigs use graphics cards to mine, with a standard rig containing a processor, motherboard, cooling, deck frame, and 2-8 graphics cards.

3. ASIC Mining

Application Specific Integrated Circuits or ASICs are devices explicitly designed for crypto mining. They are known to produce a large amount of cryptocurrency compared to GPU, CPU or cloud mining. However, despite their efficiency, they are used less due to the controversies that surround them.

Because ASICs are so powerful, they essentially steal the ability to get a higher percentage of Bitcoins from other miners who don’t use ASICs. and they skew the economics of specific cryptocurrencies by giving most of the profits to a single miner with an ASIC farm and leaving those with GPUs with very little.

4. Cloud mining

With cloud mining, users can pay someone (often a large corporation with mining farms) to rent a small percentage of computing power on your mining rig. The rental lasts for an agreed period, and any profit that the platform earns in that time belongs to the person who rented it, and the amount is transferred to the user’s crypto wallet. This type of mining has become quite popular because it offers access to the profits that can only be obtained from mining without the need to invest in equipment and energy.

Earn money with Libertex cloud mining!

Libertex stands out as one of the main brokers worldwide in charge of offering exchange services for a large number of trading pairs in various financial markets. Currently Libertex offers a wide range of services and tradable assets to its users such as Cryptocurrencies, Forex, Stock Indices, Stocks, ETFs, Commodities and more.

Free Bitcoin chunks every 4 hours!

They also have a cryptominer in the cloud that throws free portions of Bitcoin every 4 hours, this option is carried out on the internal servers of Libertex, offering the possibility of earning money without investing in specialized equipment for mining. This type of mining is presented as a great option when entering the benefits since you can enjoy income in a sustainable way without investing anything, although it is important to note that these rewards must be accumulated up to the figure of 10 USD in Bitcoin to go to “trading bonus” and become available balance to carry out operations in the cryptocurrency market. What are you waiting for?
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