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Experts say that there is no categorical approach to getting a job with knowledge of these programming languages. The IT market as a whole is very flexible, making it difficult to find technical skills that will cause 100% rejection in any company, however there are still some common patterns. IT experts clarify that the set of certain knowledge, experience, education and others depends on the client or the position for which the specialist is considered. There is still demand despite its declining role in the industry as a whole. Perl is less popular today in ratings. Mainly because it has been replaced by a simpler and more functional Python. IT experts also pointed out that Haskell (although it is still used by global IT giants like IBM) and Objective-C do not currently have their former popularity. However, experts say that there is no categorical approach to getting a job with knowledge of these programming languages. Popularity does not equal money. So far there is no clear outsider among programming languages ​​in IT.

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However, a recent user survey of the largest developer forum, Stack Overflow, identified seven of the least popular. According to both beginner and advanced programmers around the world, these programming languages ​​are used much less frequently than others: Fortran, Erlang, APL, COBOL, SAS, OCaml, and Crystal.

These are the IT professionals no one would hire right now

The study also made it possible to identify which of the programmers are rare in terms of average salaries among IT specialists. It turned out that employers pay about 43.7 thousand dollars per year to developers familiar with the Dart language. PHP programmers make just over $50.5k, MATLAB $57.5k per year. However, these rates are nearly twice as low as the highest paying areas in IT. The leader is the Clojure programming language. According to those surveyed, the specialists who work in it earn on average more than 106,000 dollars a year. In the middle of the list are Delphi, Python, and C# programmers. Employees with these skills earn an annual salary of around $65,000-70,000. According to Stack Overflow, Delphi specialists earn $64,000, Python specialists earn $71,100, and C# specialists earn $69,500. When retraining as an IT specialist from scratch, online courses won’t be enough to land you a job in a large organization, many experts say. It is very important for an IT beginner to be active and independent. No company will teach a profession if the candidate has not applied and makes efforts. Professionals advise all young people to develop relationships with future colleagues at the training stage to increase the chances of getting a job.

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