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Honduras It continues to take important steps in the use of blockchain as an effective technology to accelerate the growth of a large number of productive sectors in the country and now it is doing so in higher education institutions. After the release of bitcoinvalley In the Central American country there are more and more projects that seek to use the benefits of blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Recently the Francisco Morazán National Pedagogical University (UPNFM) became the first higher education institution in Central America to apply Blockchain technology hand in hand with Blockchain Honduras, a P2P trading platform made up of a community of entrepreneurs, developers and enthusiasts who promote Blockchain technology in the country.

UPNFM and Blockchain!

The Francisco Morazán National Pedagogical University (UPNFM) thus becoming the first university in this part of the world to use blockchain technology in educational and administrative processes to make a much more efficient traceability of the data. This agreement establishes that the university seeks not only to improve the understanding of the latest technologies such as blockchain and cryptocurrencies, but also intends to support the innovation of new projects based on this technology and achieve common goals in the field of education, training, modernization of educational and administrative processes. The rector of the University stated that the UPNFM will play a crucial role as a training center for blockchain specialists in the development of various projects, products and applications related to the blockchain; He also highlighted that UPNFM is a pioneer in the field of certification via Blockchain through the use of NFTs.

“The Blockchain will allow the education of the country that each of the educational modules be published and accredited, so that the educational processes are recordable and transparent, in this way the UPNFM is at the forefront of the world by granting digital learning certificates”.Carlos Paguada
Founder of Blockchain Honduras

In conclusion

The adoption of blockchain technology is increasing and establishing itself more and more in a large number of productive sectors today, its integration in the education sector you will be able to simplify a large number of processes and keep a much more efficient record of data. This is whye UPNFM seeks to become an institution that promotes the latest technologies, betting on innovation and the development of professionals with great skills in Honduras.

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