Tue. Sep 26th, 2023

McAfee’s ‘Global Trends 2022’ study has revealed that consumers want to invest more in protecting themselves and their families online against online threats. In relation to this, Telefónica Tech has reached a multi-year collaboration agreement with McAfee Corp to integrate the American company’s online protection products into its portfolio and thus reinforce its cybersecurity value proposition aimed at freelancers and consumers in EMEA and Latin America. “This partnership reflects the need and value of global online protection solutions, benefiting millions of consumers who are looking for even better protection on their home or office PC, laptop or mobile device,” said Gagan Singh, Vice President executive, chief product and revenue officer for McAfee.

Cybersecurity Telefónica Tech with McAfee Corp

Through this collaboration agreement, Telefónica Tech integrates the new McAfee Multi Access into its portfolio to provide its customers with broader protection based on device security.

Telefónica Tech joins forces with McAfee for the online protection of its customers

McAfee Multi Access is a cybersecurity product that represents an evolution of traditional antivirus, offering more personal protection that specifically includes the protection of user identity and privacy, as well as more advanced security features. All of this is intended to protect online customers on any device, through a seamlessly integrated and unified user experience.

By Alvaro Rivers

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