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Editorial: Gaming / Facebook / Twitter / YouTube / Instagram / News / Discord /Telegram / Google News The controversy has taken place in the Steam community after a developer’s complaint allowed Valve to discover early access review code reselling operations, an operation that until before this it was done discreetly.
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Indie Dev Discovers Steam Review Code Reselling

According to information from The Gamer, Cowcat, developer of the Brok The InvestiGator game, reported to Steam a group of curators who were given a review code that was resold, it is presumed on Internet sites dedicated to the sale of this type of digital pieces. In case you don’t know, Valve’s platform, supported by its idea of ​​community, has some members who act as content curators, that is, they can request codes from devs or editors to review and publish their criticism. . However, this time things were different, as Cowcat discovered that in just 2 days and with accounts that were created in the same period of time, Brok The InvestiGator suffered a bombardment with negatives, an act that was suspicious from the beginning.

Taking into account that the review codes for curators were well identified and some users who bought the codes on the gray market used the same administrator, the complaint was supported by Cowcat and Steam acted accordingly by banning the curators who instead of downloading the title and play it, they resold its code. After the punishment, Cowcat issued a statement asking players not to buy codes on Internet sites, as sometimes they are pieces obtained through fraud or unfair acts such as reselling by curators: “it is unacceptable that Steam Please allow those fake reviewers to continue their activity of harassing indie developers. Never buy code from gray sites. Indie devs don’t get money from them. They’re stolen keys. You’re just giving your money to leeches.” Still here at WTTSpod.
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