Wed. Oct 4th, 2023

The movie Doctor Strange 2 could have had a very different post-credits scene that referenced the Fantastic Four.

Attention SPOILERS. As usual in the Marvel Cinematic Universethe movie Doc Strange 2 It has two post-credits scenes. In the first we can see how the character of benedict cumberbatch meets with Clea of Charlize Theron and decide to travel together towards a new adventure in the Dark Dimension. While in the second, Poppa’s Pizza of Bruce Campbell stop hitting yourself with your hand. Now we know that we almost see mr fantastic of The Fantastic FourIn a recent interview with Empire, the writer of Doctor Strange 2, michael waldrontalked about the cameo of reed richards in the film. But he also revealed the post-credits scene of The Fantastic Four he wrote for the original script. “That’s the biggest cameo, right? I always wanted Reed Richards on this.” “In my first draft, I wrote a label just for the heck of it, of the film’s events recorded and reviewed by someone in the Baxter Building, and a hand reaching out into the frame to play it. Reed is probably my favorite character from Marvel comics, so I was always trying to get him in here somewhere.”

Now we will see the characters in their own movie.

Although the team of The Fantastic Four does not appear in Doc Strange 2at least we can see reed richards interpreted by John Krasinski. But unfortunately, it is not at all clear that he will repeat the role. Since there are intense rumors that it will be another actor who will give life to the beloved hero. Also, from Marvel they still have to confirm who it will be Sue Storm, Johnny Storm Y Ben Grimm. But maybe during the D23 to be held on September 10 we will get out of doubt. So we will be very attentive to all the news that comes out of that event. The new film by The Fantastic Four will premiere on November 8, 2024. While Doc Strange 2 can be enjoyed in Disney Plus, the streaming platform that can be accessed with this link.

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