Wed. Sep 27th, 2023

The tourism sector, in its objective of guaranteeing and ensuring customer well-being, is increasingly in favor of implementing new tools that optimize customer service within a context marked by digital and immediacy, especially after changes in demand. experienced as a result of the pandemic. In parallel, we live in a constant change and technological evolution, in which Artificial Intelligence (AI) plays an increasingly important role, assuming this a true revolution both at a business level and at a social and personal level. According to the experts at Eternity, a startup expert in WebRTC telecommunications solutions, Artificial Intelligence is a key factor for the correct digitization of the tourism sector, thus strengthening customer service and user experience. This phenomenon promises to continue to rise over the next few years, reaching 50% of automatic tasks by 2024, according to data provided by the marketing consultancy WAM.

Artificial intelligence: cornerstone of the user experience

Thanks to artificial intelligence, the optimization of internal processes or more effective customer service becomes an accessible factor for travel agencies, airlines, or other companies within the tourism sector. In this way, it is possible to have direct contact with the client, thus generating a better user experience and, consequently, favoring a positive relationship between the company and the client, one of the priorities for the sector.

Artificial Intelligence is a key factor for the correct digitization of the tourism sector, thus strengthening customer service

One of the main applications of these new technologies is, for example, the possibility of serving customers in a more immediate and personalized way, implementing, for example, “chatbots” or operational video calls 24 hours a day. Likewise, thanks to artificial intelligence, we ensure that these tools have the necessary resources to adapt to customer requests and even anticipate them. Javier Arranz, CEO of Eternity, highlights that “user experience is a fundamental pillar for tourism, a sector whose reactivation has set the course for the economy in recent months. That is why, in order to adapt to the new requests of an increasingly demanding and digital client, these companies must know how to ensure that their different requests and needs are covered immediately. Eternity has outlined its specific solutions for tourism companies with disruptive and effective communications, where the physical and virtual are combined, integrating AI to improve their experience and their relationship with the company”.

Eternity: Telecommunications solutions for tourism companies

The positive results of a tourism company is closely linked to customer satisfaction. In this context, travelers who are looking for agile processes and platforms to resolve their doubts, Eterity offers personalized solutions, fully adapting to their business model, user behavior and the internal processes of tourism companies. The company offers Proactive Customer Center WebRTC e-cloud solutions, helping companies in the tourism sector to generate two-way, real-time communication with users. Thus, Eternity manages to respond to the new needs of a constantly changing market, optimizing processes and improving the user experience. This is where Eternity’s innovative Tourist Virtual Assistant comes into play, a tourist service system that works through a conversational chatbot based on artificial intelligence with neural networks. This system is designed to be able to cover the tourist process from start to finish, from when he chooses the destination, until he returns from it, thus improving the experience of every visitor. The Eternity Virtual Assistant has a Big Data where the interactions that tourists have with the system itself can be analyzed, it can be integrated with the existing virtual tourism office system and can be configured so that, from the same interface and without need to have other applications installed, the visitor can be assisted by a physical tourist agent by videoconference, telephone or Live Chat. Likewise, this type of system allows speeding up the resolution of user problems, providing greater security in the handling of data, guaranteeing the good quality of the service offered. The application of Artificial Intelligence always, in any sector, is directly related to the degree of user satisfaction, since their experience as a customer of a product or service has been improved. Therefore, this will have a positive impact on the company, increasing its turnover levels.

By Alvaro Rivers

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