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Editorial: Gaming / Facebook / Twitter / YouTube / Instagram / News / Discord /Telegram Dino Crisis is a Capcom franchise that captivated fans so much that to this day there are still numerous requests for the company to develop a new installment of the franchise. In almost 20 years these requests have been unsuccessful, but Capcom has just announced the return of Dino Crisis… somehow. You read that right, Capcom is aware of the interest surrounding Dino Crisis, which is why it somewhat announced the return of the series. Of course, if you are a fan of the gameplay of the series, which mixed horror, survival and action, maybe it is not the return you were looking forward to.
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Dino Crisis is back… in token form

We say this because Capcom remembered its franchise by announcing that its content will come to TEPPEN. This card strategy title will receive an expansion consisting of a themed deck of cards called Jurassic Rampage, which, as the name suggests, will have a dinosaur design. Clearly Capcom took this opportunity to bring Dino Crisis content into the game. This new set of cards will mark the debut of Regina, the protagonist of Dino Crisis, as well as Gail, also an agent of the Secret Operation Raid Team (SORT), as playable characters. This new expansion will be part of Echoes of the Lost Civilization, a new trilogy of the Capcom card game, which will be a sequel to the previous trilogy that ended months ago.
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When will Regina from Dino Crisis come to TEPPEN?

Jurassic Rampage will debut on September 1 and will also include cards with Resident Evil characters, such as Karen “Lupo” LesProux, the Umbrella Security Service agent, as well as story missions, so campaign players will be happy and players in general too, since there are many bonuses as part of the celebration of the 3 years of the game. “A horde of dinosaurs has appeared!” As a result of a highly secret experiment accident on an island… an uncontrollable space-time rift was created. The ecosystem has been destroyed by an alien species; Expedition teams were dispatched to deal with the unknown. Caught in a mist of mystery, various organizations and agents of the world government vie for leadership,” the set description reads. What did you think of this return of Dino Crisis? Let us know in the comments. TEPPEN is available on mobile devices You can find more news related to him if you visit this page.
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